York's Free Cat Trail

York's Free Cat Trail


Posted 2019-06-22 by Gerri Sfollow
No matter how you explore York, you're guaranteed a discovery around every corner. Ghost tours, boat tours and, of course, bus tours to name just a few ways. But if you're looking for something free and fun for the whole family, why not try the amazing Cat Trail around York.

Now the connection between the cats and York isn't quite known. Some think it's linked to witches, perhaps to keep bad spirits away or scare the rats. For more information, see the links below. Although no one really owns the trail, maps have been made by the websites I have mentioned. But for whatever reason York has statues of cats dotted around the city in different positions. There's a ghost cat, a cat ready to pounce and even one chasing a pigeon. Finding these cats sure is a fun way to explore the city of York. And of course, you'll pass some of the most famous, and even some of the less well-known, spots of York. For example, the black cat I have pictured is opposite the Museum Gardens. So why not pop into the gardens and take a wander around while you're so close?

But where to start? You can simply google York Cat Trail, click the links below or visit the York Tourist Information office where you'll find a free map. It doesn't really matter which number you start at and there are more cats than the ones on the maps. So be sure to keep your eyes open even after you've ticked them all off. There's no prize apart from your own pride. With that said The Cat Gallery, where you can get maps from, sometimes offer a small gift to children who have found all the cats. But don't be expecting any help from the locals as they don't all know the story of the cats or where they all are.

It's hard for me to say how long this walk will take you. My toddler and I choose to take our time, stopping for a drink or snack along the way. Or some people may choose to do some cats one day and the others another day. It has been said that if you were to just walk it you're looking at around an hour, but I think that's pushing it as you need to enjoy it, not frogmarch it. But it's your walk, your day out and your adventure. Oh, and it's suitable for all as the walk is flat but with the nature of York paths, some of the streets are cobbled.

So have you done the cat trail? Did you spot them all? Let me know …

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