YooMoo Frozen Yoghurt Bar, Westfield Stratford

YooMoo Frozen Yoghurt Bar, Westfield Stratford


Posted 2015-02-08 by Claire Chambersfollow

Frozen yoghurt bars appear to be all the range now, with one popping up on virtually every street corner. They are favoured by celebrities, who seem to adore the sweet treat, which is healthier than ice cream but still has buckets of flavour.

YooMoo frozen yoghurt bar is strategically placed in Westfield shopping centre to appeal to wearied shoppers who want to take a break, or daytrippers in need of a quick, creamy snack. The positioning is very clever, in that it seems to literally appear out of nowhere and proceeds to lure you into trying its sweet sweet yoghurt. And try it we did.

The yoghurt is available in several different flavours including chocolate and banana, with various toppings to sprinkle over the top. This is where it is up to the consumer to make their yoghurt as healthy or naughty as possible. I chose to make mine naughty, covering my yoghurt with chocolate sprinkles, however there is always mixed fruit to add if you fancied it.

It is possible to get carried away by the choice and get more than you actually need, therefore I ended up becoming quite full. However, the yoghurt is light, so we weren't left uncomfortable. It is pricey though (we were charged on how much we ordered) and a reasonable sized tub of yoghurt came to over £6. It may be a low-calorie treat (to a certain extent) but it can still cost you in other ways. However, it is worth it, as we both found it really enjoyable and tasty. I'm so impressed, I'm tempted to buy a tub from my local supermarket.

Can frozen yoghurt ever be an alternative to my beloved ice cream? After trying some of the treats available at Yoomoo, I will answering yes. I think I have definitely found my new addiction and if I see another Yoomoo bar whilst out and about I will be making a stop.

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