Yogberries Frozen Yoghurt - Fallowfield

Yogberries Frozen Yoghurt - Fallowfield


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Whether you're a massive fan of ice cream but don't want the calories or are just in the mood for something sweet and refreshing on one of the rare hot days England receives, Yogberries offers a healthier alternative without the sacrifice of good taste.

Yogberries is situated in the Fallowfield area of Manchester, where for a reasonable price you will be set up with a generous helping of frozen yoghurt and a plethora of toppings to choose from. Whether you go for the tangy fruit option or the sweeter chocolate direction is all up to you.

After being sceptical about trying frozen yoghurt, I have to say that Yogberries did a good job in selling the idea to me. If you have never tried it take all ideas out of your head and give it a go before you make assumptions. The list of flavours is endless so I shall not try and list them all on here. If you are interested you can check out the Yogberries menu on their website, here.

The establishment in Fallowfield offers a friendly atmosphere and is usually quite busy whilst not having a ridiculous queueing time for a small shop. You will struggle to make a choice at first, particularly if you are as indecisive as I am. In terms of prices, you are looking at £4.75 maximum for a large frozen yoghurt with 3 toppings, with the lower end of the spectrum being £2.45 for a lonely frozen yoghurt with no topping.

If you ever find yourself in Fallowfield, Manchester you might as well drop in and try something from here. A small tip would be to avoid going around the end of the school day at about 3.00pm. It usually fills up with school kids around this time.

Just look out for the colourful front to the shop when you try and find it, you can also get one up on that and have a look at the 'how to find us' section on their website. This section also features the opening and closing times of all their stores.

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