YogaHub, East Sheen

YogaHub, East Sheen


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A new yoga studio called YogaHub has opened on Sheen Lane in East Sheen. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise and meditation that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental well being.

According to YogaHub's website , practising yoga regularly will help you achieve:

Increased fitness and stamina
Weight loss and increased muscle tone
Heal and prevent sports injuries
Improve digestion
Muscular pain relief & increased postural awareness
Decreased depression, anxiety and stress
Improved sleep quality and reduced insomnia
Increase concentration and focus in life

YogaHub offers a variety of yoga classes and styles of yoga in their yoga studio, with something for everyone whatever age, experience, flexibility or strength. There are already seventeen teachers on their rota and the yoga they teach is about challenging limits both physically and mentally, and learning to breathe through it.

The classes currently on offer are:

Flow Foundations: If you are new to yoga, Yoga Hub recommends starting with these beginner classes to learn the basic foundations to achieve a strong practice. A mindful, slow paced vinyasa sequence, allowing you to master basic poses using proper alignment and synchronise breath with movement.

Slow Flow: A gentle, slower practice which is accessible for all ages and levels whose aim is to practice gently. The emphasis being on breath, postural alignment, balance and relaxation. All levels can enjoy this one.

Vinyasa Flow: A dynamic and challenging vinyasa sequence that marries breath with movement, building strength, balance and flexibility. Previous yoga experience is recommended for this one.

Rocket Yoga: Taking its roots from ashtanga, rocket is a vinyasa based dynamic and challenging series of standing, balancing and inverted postures. Mixing basic postures with some fun and challenging arm balances, inversions and backbends. Expect to be challenged, not one for beginners.

Restorative Candlelit Flow: A moderately paced restorative vinyasa sequence followed by restorative and grounding poses to calm your mind and body. Perfect to unwind and de-stress at the end of the day. Suitable for all levels and appropriate for beginners.

Yin: Perfect for runners, cyclists, regular sports players and anyone looking to improve flexibility. A slow and meditative practice that uses deep stretching to enhance joint mobility and flexibility. These postures involve longer holds to release the deep muscles and work into the fascia of the body and connective tissues.

Ante & Post Natal: These specialist classes help create a greater sense of calmness and awareness around your ever changing body, allowing you to connect with your breath and baby.

Kids/Teen: Designed specifically for children, kids yoga incorporates games & journeys to imaginary lands and teaches children to learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way. 11-15 year old classes are tailored to encourage children to participate in non-competitive exercise, enabling them to manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement.

In terms of pricing, the cost-per-class reduces the more you sign up to, but if you want to try a one-off session it is £15. This is what I did, and chose to try out the Flow Foundations class. I have practised yoga in the past, but not for a while, and the 60-minute session certainly worked me hard and pushed me to my limits. The good thing about yoga though, is that you can go into resting pose if something is too difficult.

The small studio, pictured above, has room for about 10 people on yoga mats (which are provided), and when I went - still within its first week of opening - the class was full. The studio is heated - not to the extent of bikram yoga, but a warm 24-28 degrees. This is designed to minimise injury, gently aid flexibility and encourage the body to sweat and release toxins (which I certainly did!). They recommend you arrive about 10-15 minutes early, so you've time to adjust your body to the temperature.

Other than the studio, there are toilets and two small changing rooms; the female changing room has two showers and the male changing room one. There are also some small lockers for storing phones, purses and wallets.

Despite finding it hard, I really enjoyed my session, although booking a one-off class is expensive, so I will definitely take advantage of their block booking deals in the future: five classes are £70, ten classes are £120 or unlimited monthly use is £89. They also currently have an intro offer of 30 consecutive days unlimited yoga for £45.

At the moment, the schedule has around four classes every day at varying times from 6.30 in the morning through to the evening, so you're bound to find a day and time that suits. You can book #schedule ">online in advance. As it is a small space, I imagine some sessions will book up quickly.

You will find YogaHub at 50 Sheen Lane. The nearest station is Mortlake and there are buses to and from Putney and Richmond on the nearby Upper Richmond Road.

They are on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

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