Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes


Posted 2012-11-03 by Daniellefollow
Yoga is a great way to relax, improve awareness of the self and improve strength and flexibility. The word 'yoga' is a Sanskrit term which means to yoke. Yoga seeks to bring about the union of mind, body and breath. The aim of yoga is to connect the individual soul with the universe by seeking a more meaningful and peaceful existence.

There are many different types of yoga and each offers a different path. Hatha yoga focuses on the body as a means of bringing wholeness and balance by using postures (asana), breath control (pranayama) and meditation.

Many people can be very sceptical about yoga, as it is very different to what most people have tried before. However yoga can really help to bring tranquility and peace to the mind. It is a great way to de-stress and is a lovely thing to follow in order to bring calmness to one's life.

Here are some of the place that offer yoga in Leeds:

The yoga space:

[ADVERT]Class times:
Beginners- Mondays 6.30pm, Tuesdays 8pm, Wednesdays 8pm, Thursdays 5pm
Improvers- Mondays at 8pm, Tuesdays 6.15pm, Wednesdays 8pm, Saturdays 9.30am
Advanced- Tuesdays 6.15pm, Wednesdays 6.15pm, Saturdays 9.30am
Price Evening classes £5 taster then £45 for 6 or £75 for 12 classes. Drop in £8
Weekday daytime drop in £6.50 (before 6pm).
Virgin Active Health club:

Monday- 18.15-19.15
Tuesday- 18.15-19.15
Thursday - 18.30-19.30
Friday 17:15- 18:15
Saturday 11:15- 12:15

Natural Health centre:

8 week course:
Day Teacher Time Price
Tuesday Myka Ransom 1:00 pm £66
Wednesday Myka Ransom 5:45pm FULL
Wednesday Myka Ransom 7:00pm £66
Thursday Myka Ransom * 12:30pm £66
Thursday Kate Woodcock 5:30pm £66
  • Myka's Thursday 12.30 pm class is a gentle class for people who are particularly stiff or recovering from an illness. It is suitable for people who have back or joint problems.

  • Debbie Bartholomew teaches a 2 hour class for teachers and very experienced Iyengar Yoga students on alternate Mondays. The timetable and price of these classes can be found by clicking "Debbie Bartholomew Classes" below.

    A 10% reduction is available to any individual booking 2 courses per week.

    There are many more courses and workshops for yoga in and around Leeds. So why not give it a go and see what it does for you.

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