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Yo Yo Kitchen


Posted 2014-09-29 by Joanna Sopylo-Firrisafollow
Yo-Yo Kitchen is a great place to try real Japanese sushi and delicious green tea

I am a sushi fan. And when my friend (aka "another great sushi fan") was coming to visit me in London there was no doubt that we would at least once eat sushi for lunch. The only question was where we were going to go. We could choose between big well-known places in central London such as Sushi Samba or something more local. For many reasons we chose the second option and we weren't disappointed. This is how we got to Yo-Yo Kitchen located just outside West Acton station, the area where lots of Japanese live and run by a chef who served in Nobu at Park Lane and served many celebrities including Robert de Niro. What could be a better place to try sushi?

It's a small place where you can eat in or take away. In the menu they have sushi and other Japanese meals. They are all made on the spot and you can try some real Japanese treats, such as cake with matcha (type of green tea), sweet rice in tofu (amazing). I instantly fell in love with the place and will certainly become a regular there. Why? The variety of sushi is great for every taste – with cream cheese and avocado, prawns, plum, salmon and many others, there are lots of different things available such as bento boxes and everything is so typical Japanese. Apart from sushi we tried also sweet rice wrapped in tofu – delicious, and there were also rice balls with Japanese beans and other things like that.

The place is simple yet cosy and on a sunny day you can seat outside sipping your green tea cold or warm as in lunchtime it's nice and quiet. Also, if you buy a bento box there is a microwave in which you can re-heat it. Oh, I almost forgot and the prices are amazing comparing to any other sushi places – we ate filling lunch for two for & #8356 ;15. Bento boxes cost around & #8356 ;5-6 and sushi starts from & #8356 ;2.80 for a box of 10 fresh maki! If you feel inspired you can buy all sushi ingredients and make your own version at home or if you fancy some other dishes from Japanese kitchen, there is a Japanese deli with variety of products available just across the street. Itadakimasu (that means "enjoy" in Japanese).

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