Workout and Party with 'Dance Dance Party Party'

Workout and Party with 'Dance Dance Party Party'


Posted 2014-04-05 by Natalie Bollufollow
Dance Dance Party Party is a unique dance experience and workout where there are 4 main rules that you must abide by... 'No Boys', 'No Booze', 'No Judgement' and 'No Talking' - just pure dance! The women-only freestyle dance session invites women from all ages to enter a dark room with a bunch of strangers. Although this is something I would usually be quite weary of, it ended up being a night full of fun. Walking into the club you can completely forget about your dance move worries and dance the night away to an eclectic mix of dance songs.

The event has been described by the owners as, "reliving that late-night dance party from a sleepover party you had when you were 10." The party is like locking yourself in your bedroom with a stereo and turning off the lights off. But what's the big difference I hear you ask? Amazing sound quality of course! Partying in the pitch black on your own in your bedroom is also a little strange, but when others are joining you there's a big difference.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, considering it was something I would usually have to think twice about going to. All you have to do is relax and dance like no one is watching, plus you certainly do burn a whole lot of calories! It was great to dance to the beat in any style without worrying about how you look or who might be laughing at you.

Overall, the party was a unique experience that I will never forget and at the end of the night I had made many new friends. If you prefer you can schedule a DJ session where your favourite hour-long mix of dance songs is played. The dance party is perfect for a hen night or if you are looking for a unique party idea with a group of friends. I will certainly be using it as a new and fun way to workout regularly. I must warn you however that this is definitely not suitable for those afraid of the dark!

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