Wolverhampton Farmers Market and Craft Fare

Wolverhampton Farmers Market and Craft Fare


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Fri 02 Aug 2013

Now I know what you're thinking, Wolverhampton isn't the sort of place that you would usually go to looking for a farmers' market and craft fare . But every first Friday of the month, the main street becomes transformed into a foodie/hippy/bargain hunter's dream.

Dudley Street is no longer dull and drab, with the same old high street shops that trying to entice customers in the same uninspiring way; but full of market stalls and set ups, with a friendly face behind each handmade toy, mod memorabilia and rare meat burger. The smell of which, is enough to make your mouth water and enquire when they will next be back in town.

So you could imagine my surprise and joy, during a brief spell in the overlooked town, lunchtime period, I found myself enjoying strolling from stall to stall. Interestingly I would recommend taking children, as it is really easy to keep them entertained when there is so much to look at.

Children are possibly the most curious of all creatures and they are able to get their fill at Wolverhampton's Farmers' and Craft Fare. All of the merchants were easy going and the veterans enjoyed the interest of newcomers of which they're so familiar.

The Little Chocolate Teapot stall caught my interest, the bone china tea sets, hand made chocolate and the strawberry dipped chocolates with glitter. I bought a bag full and it made my lunch.

It was hard not to squeal with excitement. They cater for tea parties, birthdays and afternoon tea. Plus they bring all necessary equipment for teaching budding enthusiasts how to make their own chocolate and brew tea-properly - perfect for a girly night in or a lush afternoon. This was my favourite stall.

If I had nieces and nephews or young cousins then I would have definitely purchased a few kitsch-meets-craft handmade toys. Perfect for little ones and 'they'll last longer than any brightly coloured plastic rubbish" to quote the owner.

Such passion stands to reason in a market of mass produced toys that encourage children to ask their parents to spend more money to ensure their 'happiness' on unnecessary products.

The freshly-baked-that-morning bread , with an array of dips, chutneys and jam to boot, was hard to resist and even if you don't buy a loaf, you can try what's on offer. This is perfect if you're on your lunch hour and you're indecisive about which delicious loaf you could eat to accompany your meal or you could make it into lunch with the right accompaniments.

This farmers' market and craft fare was definitely a welcome surprise, for artisan coffee, presents, lunch or even a leisurely stroll around. I'll be on the lookout for when it returns-the first Friday of each month. Cheers to the independent retailers out there.

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