Wysteria Lane Home & Gifts Boutique

Wysteria Lane Home & Gifts Boutique


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If you've ever dreamed of living the life your favourite television characters lead, then we're on the same page. Ever since Desperate Housewives hit UK TV screens I was bowled over, not by the cat fights, dramatic dialogue, or fabulous wardrobes, but by the homes, and everything inside. Wysteria Lane in the Pavilions is the embodiment of all the pretty home accessories you might find on the set of Desperate Housewives.

The boutique has a pink and black brocade theme, and it is reminiscent of the lane on the famous television show. They sell bespoke household goods, as well as handmade jewellery, and candle holders come in the most pretty of formats, which scream luxury and opulence. I also spotted some of the most unusual, and yet adorable trinkets and gifts.

Character Gabrielle Soleis (Eva Longoria), had the most divine dressing table mirror and Bree Van de Camp (Marcia Cross), owned some of the most exquisite tables settings, never mind serving plates.

I wouldn't say I obsess over the details, but Wisteria Lane makes it okay, acceptable even, to own, and show off the most delicate and simultaneously devastating ornaments and gifts, in large, small, embellished and simple designs. Magpies out there, I believe, this is your Nirvana.

Everything is shiny and polished, aside from the intentionally muted tones, which are equally eye catching.

The layout of the shop, is also rather fetching; a large bird-like cage is at the front of the store, and subtle lighting surrounds the jewellery pieces.

At the moment they have a large range of Christmas decorations. Glittering trees, baubles and fairy-like Christmas ornaments are on sale. The festival gifts start at £3.00 each, but money aside they're a mix of eye-catching designs, which will no doubt light up your home.

For all of the Bree Van de Camp's and Gabby Soleis', desperate housewife or not, Wysteria Lane is damn near the perfect shop you'll find in the city centre. It might also, just be the one you frequent only a little too often, if you are a lady who lunches.

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