Winchester Sculpture Sightseeing

Winchester Sculpture Sightseeing


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Winchester is home to lots of weird and wonderful things with which to occupy your time on a day trip. Here are just a few of my favourites to get you started.

One thing which doesn't cost a massive amount of money and appeals to those interested in arty things will be some of the sculptures dotted around the City. They are easily missed if you don't keep a keen eye out for them, so read on and I will let you know where they are situated so you can go and have a peek during your next visit.

'The Kite Flyer'

This bronze figure of a man flying a kite whilst walking across a bridge was created by sculptor Marzia Colonna and constructed by Denmead's Metal Art Design Foundry in Winchester. The sculpture is almost six meters in height and and has a further two kites attached to the bridge tangled by their strings in a playful way. It was commisioned by Winchester City Council and installed in April 2009. If you want to go and admire it then head on over to Parchment Street in Winchester, Hampshire, England.

Note: Like I said before, keep a look out for this as I nearly missed it during my visit and had to ask someone where it was (I was standing underneath it).

'The Hampshire Hog'

This life-sized bronze sculpture was created by David Kemp and commissioned by Hampshire County Council as a way to celebrate their Centenary in 1990. The boar is easy to spot when you know where to look for it. It is located outside the County Council offices at the top of Winchester high street in Hampshire, England.

'Horse and Rider'

A statue sculpted by Elisabeth Frink in 1975. This naked man on a horse over looks Winchester high street in Hampshire, England.

This sculpture is fairly easy to spot as you walk along from the top of the high street towards the shops on the right hand side of the road.

'Alfred The Great'

Hamo Thornycroft's bronze statue of Alfred the Great was commissioned and unveiled in 1901 to mark the millennium of King Alfred's death. To admire this stunning 15 foot high statue then head over to the bottom of Winchester high street. You won't miss it.

The above sculptures are dotted around Winchester and are free to all. However the following one will cost you a small fee and is situated within the Cathedral which restricts it's availability depending on the Cathedral's opening hours.

'Sound II'

This life-sized sculpture, created by Antony Gormley, is situated within the, sometimes flooded, Winchester Cathedral Crypt and can be accessed after paying an entry fee.

To find out more about times, dates and fees or just to take a sneak peek at the sculpture in the photo gallery then visit the Winchester Cathedral website here .


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