Winchester Science Centre Easter Holiday Club

Winchester Science Centre Easter Holiday Club


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Tue 03 Apr 2018 - Fri 13 Apr 2018

The Winchester Science Centre 's school holiday clubs are incredibly popular, with many spots selling out well in advance. The holiday club provides an entertaining and educational school holiday care option, where kids will complete experiences, stare at stars and enjoy hands-on activities. The Easter Holiday Club is inspired by 'sense-sational science', with a program that delves into all of our different senses. The program follows a one week timetable, that is then repeated in the second week of the Easter break. The sessions run from Tuesday April 3rd till Friday April 13th.

Monday - Balancing Act
(Monday's sessions will only be held on Monday the 9th of March and on the Easter Monday bank holiday)
Monday's activities are all about balance. Kids will discover their own centre of gravity and experiment with balancing various objects around them. There are some craft activities, including making your own spinning top, and plenty of interesting bits of information to pick up throughout the day.

Tuesday - Wonky Vision
Exploring why glasses work, what our eyes are made of, and how we can trick our eyes to seeing things that aren't really there. These activities combine a bit of science with a bit of magic for a fun day.

Wednesday - Taste Buddies
We sometimes take some of our senses for granted, but taste is not one of them. Learn how your taste buds react when you pop something in your mouth, and discover the important role that smell has when it comes to tasting something. Kids can battle it out to discover who has a super taster's palate, followed by making their own sherbet.

Thursday - Sounds Like Music
Kids will get to jam along as they create their own musical instruments, but they'll also learn more about the mysteries of how vibrations become sounds in our ears.

Friday - Under Your Skin
The final day of the program explores the sense of touch. There are pin pricks and texture tests, and kids will head home with their own sensory balls. As well as exploring our sense of touch, this session will also delve into our nervous system to explore how our body processes the reactions to outside stimuli.

The Easter Holiday Club is £35 per day, or £165 for a full week of activities. Tickets can be purchased online from the Winchester Science Centre website , or by calling the box office on 01962 863791.

You can read the full schedule of sessions and interactive activities here .

As well as the Easter Holiday Club, the Winchester Science Centre will also have a range of other interactive activities and events throughout the Easter school break. Find out more about their 'Sounds Interesting!' school holiday activities on the website.

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