Wilderthorn and Anna Westin at All Hallow's on the Wall

Wilderthorn and Anna Westin at All Hallow's on the Wall


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Fri 27 Feb 2015

On Friday 27th February, the 18th century church of All Hallows-on-the-Wall near Liverpool Street in London will be transformed into a free music event hosting Wilderthorn and Anna Westin .


Widlerthorn is the the name given to the artwork and music of singer-songwriter. John is the son of a travelling musician who started his careerer in Aisa, playing gigs in Sri-Lanka, Malasia and Singapore and India. Having played in secret gigs and concerts around Europe, he recently returned to Chennai in India to make a recording with Carnatic/ Bollywood musicians.

Jon has been described as having a "unique and powerful, emotive voice, tinged with dark operatic tones and 'sufi-style' flourishes", with his music being backed by a wave of primal rhythms, clanging dulcimers, electric guitar swells and haunting violin textures.

David Barker, the organiser of Friday's event, says, "This man has a voice that resonates in low tones, and pierces your spirit with its highs. It is truly unique, and partnered with warm guitar playing and a host of pedals & effects, it really makes your ears feel like they are surrounded by an orchestra. One that envelopes you like a blanket on a cold night, bringing peace and joy."

Wilderthorn can be found on Facebook and Twitter .

Anna Westin

Anna Westin is a Nordic singer / songwriter who grew up along the rocky coastline of Canada and Sweden. Now based in London, she continues to use music to explore new ways of connecting and storytelling. Some of her music can be found on SoundCloud and can also be found on Facebook .

Anna recently recorded her first EP at The Outhouse in Raynes Park. The four-track EP is available through Bandcamp .

The Event

This is a free event hosted by City Gates Church . It is quite an intimate venue, guests are advised to arrive early to be guaranteed a seat. The doors will open at 7:30pm. There will be opportunity to meet the artists, who will also have merchandise on sale. If you think your evening has been worthwhile, then you will be free contribute to a collection that will go entirely to the artists themselves.

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