Wild Food Cafe, Covent Garden

Wild Food Cafe, Covent Garden


Posted 2016-05-08 by Tammy Faceyfollow
Too often am I bored, numb to the new London health food joints that promise wealth and happiness. Wild Food Cafe doesn't bother. It doesn't need to advertise or make ridiculous claims like 'stir ghee into your tea' - no thank you, and not least because it's a vegan cafe-restaurant.

Instead of the frankly stupid claims some new 'health' cafes make, the Wild Cafe is essentially just two rooms next to Neals Yard in Covent Garden.

It is organic in every sense of the word and couldn't be pretentious if it tried, and effort to do so would jar with the whole and kind ethos of the place.

There's simply no point in the false aesthetic at a place like the Wild Food Cafe. My twin said she could feel the organic energy of the place as soon as we walked in: no horrible bright white lights or stark plastic reminding us that we're in London. Rather it's a warm, open-heart envelope that genuinely welcomes all who stand at the door, peeking their head in - even if it is just to have a peek at the food menu.

Speaking of which, Wild Food Cafe is in fact a gem of a place for health nuts. My sister practically jumped up off the bench seating when she read the menu, explaining that Wild Food Cafe has gotu kola. Thrilling stuff.

Oh and my meal was delicious: filling, whole, and well-seasoned, which is my usual critique of health food joints. But Wild Food Cafe has been in the game for 20 years. They've perfected the seeded burger.

My sister and I sat on one of the benches, a man opposite us, who, as I was waxing lyrical about my massage, chimed in and asked where I'd had it (Aveda Spa btw). And that's one of the reasons I fell for this place: the bench seating works because people are happy to chat, be social. I often, don't like to talk when I'm in dire need of catching up with a friend, but a bit of friendly chit chat is always welcome, and this is that kinda place.

If you were confused in any way about the ethos about Wild Food Cafe, it's surmised beautifully on the website, in a Q&A with the owners Joel and Aiste: "We pour our hearts into all we do. From food to hospitality to the space we create – it's our heart's song."

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