Best Places to Shop in London

Best Places to Shop in London


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Sometimes choosing where to shop can be difficult, particularly in a major city such as London to choose from... That's why here we look at some of London's best shopping destination to suit all tastes this summer!

Located in the affluent area of Knightsbridge, this magnificent and imposing building is packed with high-end brands and luxury items from designer dresses to champagne bars. Not everything is a huge expense here though, and for a small cost you can explore their food court which offers fine pastries and cakes, as well as usual food goods to take home. Even with no spending, the architecture and interior of this building is imposing in itself. Their remarkable Egyptian staircase is also what attracts visitors to Harrods, with golden colours and lavish decorative features including Egyptian markings and their very own life sized Egyptian cat. There's no doubt that Harrods lives up to its reputation as one of London's best shopping places, and is well worth a visit too!

This quirky and bustling scene lies in Camden Lock, full of pop up stalls almost every weekend in London. Many items here are available for purchase, including hand made crafts, jewellery and accessories. Other attractions here include their street food and coffee shops! With plenty of choice, you can decide between a range of organic and fresh produce, with dishes including grilled halloumi fries, burrito' and oriental foods. A walk around here is a fantastic experience, with plenty of bars and high street shops along the canal.

Oxford Street
An obvious one, maybe… but a shopping trip just wouldn't be complete without visiting Oxford Street. Offering almost any high street shop you can think of, just one street has tonnes of shops to choose from including Selfridges, John Lewis and House of Fraser, to name a few. If avoidable, I'd try to avoid visiting here on a weekend as it can be rather overcrowded with tourists; Visiting in the day ensures a better shopping experience and more time to spend browsing rather than shoulder barging. Of course, it's not only clothes shops Oxford street has to offer, with plenty of coffee shops, bars and restaurants, there's plenty of choice to stop over for a break on your shopping spree!

Several of these centres are scattered around London, but its closest one in High Holborn is the most central. Great for rainy days, this centre offers everything you'd expect from a shopping centre… just indoors. With plenty of mainstream and boutique style shops to choose from, one could visit here after work even for its convenience. Although rather small for a shopping centre, it can have its advantage of being able to shop the entire perimeter easily and quickly if needed.

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