Where Can Kids Eat Free in London

Where Can Kids Eat Free in London


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The other day I cam across an article by fellow WNer, Nadine Crawfield-Myatt, who come up with a staggering list of restaurants where kids can eat free in Melbourne . I was surprised at just how many there were, and she asked me to tell her if I knew of any others.

Alas, I am from the UK, so cannot help out any Aussies. The article intrigued me though, and it started me thinking how many places in London might have similar offers. Since I don't have any children, this is not something I even consider when going to restaurant, but after a bit of investigating, I found a few places where families can take their kids for a free meal.

In comparison to Melbourne, London has a woefully low offering (although you may find places that do deals periodically), but I did manage to put together a list of five restaurants. If you know of any others, don't forget to mention it.


Spur Steak & Grill is a friendly and casual restaurant at the O2. Its kids eat free offer is on Fridays between 3pm-6pm, making it the perfect place to dine before going to a show. You can get two free kids' meals for every paying adult, and it includes a main course, dessert, and bottomless soda.

On all other days, the kids' meals cost between £4.95-£7.95, plus £2.75. They have a choice of burgers (beef, chick, vegetarian), chicken nuggets, pizza, spaghetti & meatballs, or hotdogs.

Adults have a much wider choices, with main meals starting from £8.95.

Tony Roma's

Tony Roma's started off as a small American diner in Florida. It now has over two hundred restaurants in thirty-three countries. Their England branch can be found in Kingston inside the Rotunda entertainment complex, which is directly opposite the train station. They specialise in ribs, steak, and seafood.

Kids eat free on Sundays between 12pm-5pm, and includes a main course, dessert, and soft drink. It is available with every main meal ordered from the adult menu (starting from £7.95). At all other times, meals off the kids' menu are £5.95. There is the option of burgers, ribs, chicken strips, pizza, pasta, sausage & mash scampi, and fish and chips.

Sophie's Steakhouse

Sophie's Steakhouse is in both Covent Garden and Chelsea. They offer a quality selection of aged steak, salad, barbecue ribs, chicken, and fish. Although it does not say so on their website, kids eat free on Sundays. Meals would otherwise cost between £2.75-£6.95, and include fishcakes, fish fingers, hamburgers, roast chicken, fish & chips, sausage & mash, and macaroni cheese. There is a large range of adult meals, starting from 9.95.

Bodean's BBQ

Bringing their love of American barbecue to London, the Bodean's family set up in 2002. They have restaurants in Soho, Fulham, Tower Hill, and Clapham.

Bodean's BBQ has the best offer of the five, with kids eating free every day of the week: 12pm-3pm on weekdays, and 12pm-5pm at weekends. Not only that, if you join their Q card club, kids eat free all day on Sunday (plus other discount deals).

At all other times, the kids' menu is £5 and offers a choice of ribs, BBQ chicken, chicken wings, beef burgers, or macaroni cheese. Adult main meals start from £6.95.

The Real Greek

The Real Greek's Mediterranean cuisine can be found at Bankside, Westfield Starford City, Westfield London, Marylenbone, and Spitafields. On Sundays kids eat free if an adult spends £7 or more. In all other cases, a child's meal is £6.75 and includes meze, burgers, and salad skewers. Adult meze start from £2.50 or larger meals from £5.50.

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