Wey Walks

Wey Walks


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The National Trust parks are beautiful places to visit, but with admission prices, taking the whole family can make it an expensive day out. They do, however, offer more affordable activities, and these include self-guided walks, like the ones down the River Wey.

The River Wey is a fifteen-mile waterway that links Guilford to London via the Thames. It was one of the first British rivers to be made navigable, when in 1653 it started allowing barges access. Later in 1764, the barges were then allowed to travel Godalming Navigation.

But boat is not the only way to travel the river. You can also take one of six self-guided walks along the bank. Admission is only £3.50 for adults and £2 for children; alternatively, you could buy a family ticket for £9.

Weybridge to New Haw Lock

This five mile route should take about three hours (including sight seeing) as you travel along the towpath where the barges used to transport grain from the Royal Docks in London to Coxes Mill in Addlestone until the late 1960s.

Pyrford Lock to Papercourt

This seven mile walk will take you through the villages of Ripley and Pyrford. You should be able to complete it in under four hours, in which time you will discover the historical highlights of the area.

New Haw Lock to Pyrford Lock

Find your way around the the Wey Navigation and the Basingstoke Canal, which links to the Thames and leads to London. It is a seven mile walk and should take under four hours.

Papercourt Lock to Triggs Lock

Bridges, inns, and churches are part of the itinerary on this route. The six mile walk is about three hours long, and takes you through beautiful countryside.

Dapdune Wharf to Cartbridge Wharf

For those up for a challenge, you can choose to take an eleven mile journey through some of the remotest parts of the Wey Navigation, including Surrey Place and Stoke Mill. It is a two way trip, there and back along opposite sides of the river, and should take about five hours. For a shorter walk, finish when you get to Cartbridge Wharf.

Dapdune Wharf to St Catherine's

On this route, you will learn about the geographical importance of the River Wey, and how it makes Guilford a 'gap town' by cutting through the North Downs. At five and a half miles, it should take about three hours to complete.

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