The Wellcome Library

The Wellcome Library


Posted 2017-04-23 by Caroline Haackfollow

If you have visited the Wellcome Collection, you might know this place but not the extent of its possibilities. If you have no idea of what the Wellcome Collection is, go there immediately!

Once you're there, go up to the second floor using the fancy Wilkinson Eyre staircase and go to your left: there is the Wellcome Library, or at least its reading room. From all the libraries I saw in London, this is the easiest one to access with no fee to enter the building and the reading room has free access.

Of course, as in all libraries, you can ask to consult any of their books by pure curiosity or if it is in relation to your studies. They have a great online catalogue, classified by categories. As the Wellcome Collection is mainly focused on science and medicine, most of their archives are related to this. Nevertheless, they also have old recipes, photographies and even old adverts. They also have digital collections, that you can access online.

If you're not interested in their collection, the library is still a great place to come to work or read. They have bean bags for reading and tables for working. The wifi is free and they also have black and white printers. If you're interested in becoming a member, know that members can book two rooms in the library for specific study needs. A group study room is available for collaborative study and an assistive study room is available for members requiring assistive audio software.

Even as a visitor, this library has things to offer. They now have large interactive tables, where you can discover many medical archives, as well as a 3D model of a mummy. All over the reading room are little cards, feel free to take one. It can be a print of an archive, but more fun than it sounds. I remember taking lots of old recipe cards at the beginning of the year.

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