Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle


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I've always had great memories of growing up. It wasn't just another ruin my parents walked me around in the rain. It was an actual castle, a complete castle, and it kept my interest.

Returning home with my American boyfriend I felt he would appreciate this castle more than I ever have so we planned a trip.

From Birmingham centre we got a day return to Warwick for £7.50 each. By travelling with national rail I was able to print off a buy one get one free entrance ticket for the castle with a valid train ticket. We opted out of the extras so it cost £16 for us both. Bargain.

We walked from the station to the castle which took us approximately 15 minutess and it was a nice walk. You get a sense of Warwick centre and it is beautiful.

As soon as we entered the castle grounds I remembered how much I liked this place as a kid. There was a knight on a horse greeting everyone and having photos taken.

On entering we were offered extras such as Merlin's show, which we decided to pass on as we were advised it was for a family or younger audience, and the dungeons, which appealed to us but we had done the same sort of thing in London not too long ago so we passed on both.

The grounds are beautiful and there is so much to do. We watched an archery demonstration and what I really love about this place is how educational yet fun it is. The actor was informative yet funny. I am still very much a child when it comes to something holding my attention and this made me excited to bring my kids one day.

Since my last visit it was quite noticeable that it had been taken over by the same company as Madame Tussaud's. It had more of a 'theme park' feel to it this time with their Merlin show, dungeons and princess tower, not to mention the amazing wax works dotted around. However this didn't ruin the historic atmosphere. I know a couple of my friends thought it had been 'Americanised' but I love that money has been noticeably7 spent in the castle. The costumes were better, the wax works were better, the actors were better, even the food was better. (More choices and not ridiculously over priced.) I felt like a child again.

After walking around the castle itself and the grounds there are still a lot of activities and shows through out the day including a bird show, the trebuchet and an all action sword fight. In the summer months the castle offers jousting tournaments and medieval 'glamping.'

We thoroughly enjoyed our day. I definitely do feel they have the right mix of education and entertainment for all ages and would recommend it to anyone.

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