Wahaca Southbank

Wahaca Southbank


Posted 2017-07-24 by Nathan Howardfollow
This chain of Mexican restaurants are popular both in and out the city. London, however, has one of my favourite Wahaca's, located just on Southbank by the beautiful river Thames. Here you and friends can enjoy London's city views on their top floor, which directly overlooks London's top sights.

Like most of their restaurants, this one has a chilled and laid back atmosphere, with bar stools and comfortable seating downstairs to choose from, and a metal staircase taking you to the top floor. The menu is somewhat basic but has everything you need to try some traditional Mexican cuisine… from black bean quesadilla to their nachos with homemade guacamole, they have it all!

After looking at Wahaca's menu, particularly their street food range, it was clear that they focus on light lunches or bites to eat rather than a full dining experience. With their 'tapas' style dishes, you can order multiple bite sized dishes and share amongst others, great for family or large groups of friends. We ordered a range of tapas dishes including sweet potato, nachos, tacos and black bean side. Their tapas range prices start from just £1.75, and for a range of dishes, you should expect to pay no more than £15 each. With Mexican cruising consisting of quite filling food choices, you'll find two or three tapas dishes are plenty for one person. As for drinks, they offer a range of bottled beer, wine and spirits at reasonable prices also.

The tapas food I tried when visiting was delicious. All food items on the menu are freshly prepared, including their guacamole and fillings for quesadilla and burrito choices. They even offer less spicy alternatives for dishes such as their spicy rice and bean sides for those who aren't a lover of over-spicy dishes!

Their Southbank store even offers an exclusive 'on the go' street food van, which can be seen just outside the restaurant in summer, offering burritos and other bites to eat whilst on the go!

Overall, my experience at Wahaca was fantastic, and I've returned several times for lunches since my first visit. If great Mexican cuisine is your thing, then head to for a taste experience you won't forget!

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