Wahaca Mexican Street Kitchen, Covent Garden

Wahaca Mexican Street Kitchen, Covent Garden


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Mexican Street food doesn't get better than Wahaca. With eleven locations across London, the popular restaurant has developed quite a reputation for itself. Sourcing healthy, fresh ingredients from certified farmers and organic producers are just some of the staples of this jam packed eatery.

After having one of my exploring-The-city Saturdays with my partner, we came across Wahaca. Now I had tried a few times with girlfriends on either a Tuesday or Wednesday night to miraculously find a table at Wahaca, only to be told both times that it would be an hour to an hour and a half wait. Constant disappointment, especially as you are unable to reserve a table. To my surprise, Saturday afternoon allowed us the perfect time to conquer our hunger monkeys with a table available instantly.

As we walked through the establishment I was a little excited to have finally made it further than the front desk. We both sat down and admired the interior, decked out in a fabulous array of South American colours and unconventional factor with full view of the fresh ingredients present in the dishes, through the large double glassed fridge.

After scanning the menu we decided on the sharing platter for two, priced under £20, you can't go wrong. This option allowed us to try Wahaca's signature dishes. We started first with three pork pibl tacos these were slow cooked pork tacos (extra special) cooked in Wahaca's very our special Yucatecan marinade with fiery pickled onions. Along with the three vegetable tacos that were filled with Savoy cabbage, mixed mushrooms, borlotti beans sautéed in a rich pasilla chilli salsa and garnished with roast chipotle salsa and feta. Delicious.

Next on the list was the melt-in-your-mouth, large huitlacoche (known as corn smut, don't let that put you off, it is actually good for you and a delicacy) quesadilla and side of green rice and black beans. This was an interesting mix of flavours however thrown off, in a good way, by the melted cheese.

Lastly, and by all means not least, were the two black bean tostadas and two chicken taquitos. The taquitos were my favourite, with a filling that housed chunky chicken pieces tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing and a bed off cos lettuce. The crunchy exterior was spicy and created the perfect balance to the inner filling.

It wasn't difficult to twist my partners arm and convince him to try one of the tempting desserts on offer. He selected the traditional Churros y chocolate, which every foodie knows is a glorified (and rightly so) Mexican doughnut and came with a delicious dark chocolate sauce. I, on the other hand, a huge fan of peanut butter in all forms, went for the Chocolate and peanut cup.
My dessert of choice had a traditional fashioned chocolate cake base, with peanut butter and vanilla ice- cream, topped with hot chocolate sauce and caramelised peanuts. The definition of indulgence.

Quick service was refreshing for a restaurant of this size and popularity, not to mention helpful staff who were quick off the mark with our minimal requests.

Wahaca is a busy restaurant situated in hot spots around London, best advice, is to wing it and wait for a table, or head over at a not so busy time of day and experience the epitome of fine Mexican street food.

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