Voodou for Him, Liverpool

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Posted 2013-03-08 by Marcel Deerfollow
Voodou is Liverpool's leading hair and grooming chain. They have 5 salons in and around the city centre. Some are unisex, some specialise in either men or women.

What makes Voodou a 'cut above the rest' as a chain is their attention to detail and fantastic and dedicated stylists and grooming specialists.

I've personally used two of their male stores on close to twenty occasions over the years. They have a range of levels of stylists to choose from, all the way up to 'Artistic Directors'. They offer not only a haircut, but a fantastic relaxing experience in their gents salons. They are one of the only salons in Liverpool where great music is played all day long and you can have a beer whilst you relax and get your hair styled.

They also offer fantastic male grooming services for skin and beard care, with their own training academy churning out new experts with the latest styles and techniques every year.

In terms of pricing . The cheapest cut that you can opt for as a gent would be a graduate wet cut which would set you back £13.00 as a student or £17.00 as a non student. Right up to the top end of the scale with a wet cut from an 'Artistic Director' costing £.31.00 for students and £39.00 for non students. If you're paying for an 'Artistic Director', I would make the most of the free beers on offer!

Whereas I've had bad experiences in generic barber shops with 'Scissor Happy' barbers taking off far more than you wish for. I can honestly say that I've never had a bad experience at Voodou, they always have friendly staff, great conversation and fantastic results.

Now I can only speak for the gents side of things but all information for ladies options can be found here .

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