Visit Plymouth

Visit Plymouth


Posted 2013-02-04 by Daniellefollow

My boyfriend and I decided to take a trip down south and to Plymouth for the weekend. Everyone seems to go to Cornwall, Exeter and Devon, and seems to forget about Plymouth. However I was very surprised to find that there was a lot to see and do here.

[ADVERT]It is a very diverse city as it seems to have something for everyone of all ages, tastes and abilties. It has a main shopping area where there is just as many varieties of shops as there is in, lets say Leeds, Edinburgh, York and all other big cities in England (bar London obviously). But it also has the rural side where you could take long, calming walks around the see front.

There is a mixture of both beautiful old buildings as well as exciting night life for all the students.

For our weekend in Plymouth, we managed to visit a range of places. We spent a lot of time looking in the art galleries and visiting the theatres, as Plymouth seems to be a very cultured place full of colour and excitement, and we felt we should take advantage of be surrounded by all this vibrancy.

The beauty of this lovely seaside area doesn't stop there; Plymouth is very well known for it's greenery and eye opening scenery. If you get the chance to have walk in the open hills surrounding Plymouth or have a bike ride there, I would definitely recommend it.

In the evening you have the opportunity to taste some of the most pallet friendly seafood, that has come straight from the sea.
Plymouth seems to take pride in its culinary skills and so if you come down here, make sure you try some of their exquisite restaurants leading of the Barbican .

If you are spending more than a weekend here, travel just a little bit further and to visit Cornwall and Devon to see some big events such as the Eden project, English Riviera and many other attractions.

There is so much to see and do in Plymouth and seems to be coming ever more popular with the tourists. Why not visit it yourself and see what Plymouth has in store for you?

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