Village Greens Community Co-op

Village Greens Community Co-op


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Village Greens in Prestwich is a grocery store in the North West supplying organic fruit and vegetables, wholefoods and good quality foods. All the products stocked are ethical and made using natural ingredients. It offers something different from supermarkets as you are able to find local produce all in one place as well as unique and specialist items.

The store is run as a co-operative, which means it is owned by its members. By shopping here you support a community initiative and know that the profits are being shared by the people who work here.

The great thing about shopping here is you are guaranteed seasonal, fresh, and organic fruit and vegetables. The fact that the stock changes regularly allows you to try new foods and only use fresh, in season items. It allows you to be creative with your cooking and try new foods. Village Greens also has a no junk policy meaning you will only be buying good quality food, free from artificial colours and flavours.

The store is small, interesting and has a great atmosphere. The deli counter cannot be passed, there is an amazing selection of dishes on offer. From soups to curry and Indian snacks the counter will be impossible to pass by. Plus there are always amazing cakes on offer with many foods being suitable for vegans. This is one of few places in North Manchester where vegetarians and vegans can shop for the essentials and know that they will be able to find a range of products. The selection of frozen vegan food is also impressive and there are lots of new and exciting products to try which are almost impossible to find elsewhere.

Another reason to shop here is the wonderful staff who are always friendly and helpful, they make each trip special and are happy to give advice or just have a conversation. Despite being located in the heart of Prestwich there is a real old fashioned, countryside atmosphere in this shop. You don't get this kind of personal friendly service in big supermarkets. The shop really lives up to its name as it gives the area a village feel. It is a pleasant change from shopping in massive stores and you always come away with delicious food. There are also toiletries, gifts and cleaning products on sale here with the extra benefits of being ethical and environmentally friendly items. This is a little gem of a store which really brings the area to life. If you haven't visited yet you are missing out on something truly special, add it to your to-do list today.

Located on Prestwich high street, the store is easy to find. There is free parking available at the Longfield Centre and the Prestwich metrolink stop is right by the shop as well. Open 9am-6.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9am-8pm on Thursdays, 9am-5pm Saturday and 11am-5pm Sundays. There is plenty of time to visit and stock up on some amazing, ethical products.

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