Vikings! - The Untold Story Exhibition

Vikings! - The Untold Story Exhibition


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Fri 18 Jan 2013 - Sun 12 May 2013

When we hear someone say the word 'Viking', most of us have a picture in out mind of rugged looking brutes with horned helmets, who travelled the seas, pillaged, wrecked, killed, raped, and caused terror within the hearts of villagers. Recent archaeological discoveries, however, have suggested that the Vikings were not just plundering pirates, but skilled craftsmen, brave explorers, and honourable tradesmen.

Between the 18th January - 12th May, The National Museum of Scotland will show the Vikings in a new and intriguing light, challenging commonly held conceptions of this key period in European history. The Vikings! exhibition will house than five hundred objects from the Swedish History Museum collection in Stockholm, which have been rarely seen outside Scandinavia.

At the exhibit you will learn about Viking religion, symbolism & mythology, what their domestic life was like, and how they treated death. They worked with metal, textile, glass, bone, and amber to craft tools and beautiful jewellery. Tickets are £9 for adults, £7.50 concessions, £6 for children 12-15 years old, and free for under 12s.

There are several events on in conjunction with the exhibit too:

School Workshop: Viking Gold
20th February, 1pm

This £2 workshop will involve creative writing, and a reading of Viking Gold, an adventure story by Vikki Campbell. There will also be the opportunity for a Q&A afterwards. To book call 0131 247 4041

Museum Lates: Night of The Vikings
22nd February, 7pm-10pm

A night of live music, workshops, and cocktails, all in Nordic style. Tickets cost between £8-£18 and can be booked by calling 0300 123 6789.

Neil Oliver: Vikings
28th February, 6.30pm-7.30pm

You can book tickets for historian, Neil Oliver's lecture for £6. He will explore new archaeological evidence that suggests Vikings were not as bloodthirsty as originally thought.

Vikings! at The Movies
3rd March, 1pm-4pm

Drop in at any time and enjoy free back-to-back screenings of The Vikings (1958), and The Thirteenth Warrior (1999).

Viking War Games
10th March, 10:30am–16:30pm

Get role playing Dungeons & Dragons style in Viking war games. It's free to play, and includes miniature figures to play with.

Saturday Showcase: The Vikings in Scotland
27th April, 1.30pm-4pm

Dr Alan Macniven and Dr Arne Kruse explore the legacy Vikings left behind in Scotland. The lecture costs £10, and you can check here to see when bookings are available.

If you want to make it a family event, then there are plenty of children's activities too:

Viking Voyagers
9th – 10th February, 12pm-4pm

Drop in and draw your own Viking-style shield.

So You Want to be a Viking?
11th – 16th February, 11.30am & 2pm

Meet the resident Vikings in a new family show for £3. There will be music, fast action, and myth-busting fun.

Norse Nonsense
11th – 16th February, 12pm–4pm

A free craft session with Viking Gallery Safaris.

Living History: The Glasgow Vikings
17th February, 12pm–4pm

Watch a playacting group of Vikings on display.

Vikings: The Final Saga
4th – 6th May, 12pm-4pm

All of the above in one weekend.

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