Vietnamese Restaurant, Chinatown

Vietnamese Restaurant, Chinatown


Posted 2015-01-23 by Claire Chambersfollow

Vietnamese Restaurant is probably one of the most uninspired names for a restaurant that you could find in London. It doesn't exactly thrill you, especially it doesn't look very exciting from the outside, appearing to be just another restaurant on the busy street in Chinatown. If you weren't playing careful attention, you could easily pass it by.

However, don't let this put you off. The interior of the restaurant boasts beautifully colourful and intricate decor, complete with Chinese lanterns and ornate fans. It is a good place just to sit and drink in your surroundings. The feel of the restaurant is authentic, but it doesn't try to be anything fresh or different. Imagine a Vietnamese restaurant and this is pretty much what you would visualise.

But of course, the food plays a big role. The price alone makes it worth the trip, as I was surprised by how cheap the meals were. I ordered the chicken and vegetables, my companions ordered the soup. I was concerned there wouldn't be enough as the portions looked small but actually found I was very satisfied. Even though I'm not hugely familiar with Vietnamese food, I was reassured that these dishes came close to matching up to the food found in Vietnam.

The restaurant appeared to be very popular with tourists but was never over crowded. I have heard that it has a high number of happy, regular customers and I can see why. It would make a good place to drop into after a day out sightseeing but didn't seem to be the type of place you would go for a big occasion.

One complaint I would make is that I found it chilly inside and I don't think the door was shut properly. When I went to make sure it was closed, the staff almost leapt on me, as if to restrain me. I'm not sure what they thought I was going to do really.

Good food, fast service and cheap prices. For these reasons, I would happily make a return visit.

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