Verve Wellbeing Festival

Verve Wellbeing Festival


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Sat 25 Sep 2021

Set in the grounds of Pythouse Kitchen Garden, the was an opportunity to practice yoga and other wellbeing activities and enjoy some music in a field.

From Pump Up Your Prana Yoga and Broga HIIT Yoga to gong baths and Goddess Flow, there was lots on offer.

Megan Romilly was the yoga and activity director and she led two classes here, one yoga session in the morning to get things started and another gentle session at the end of the day followed by a sound journey.

Joanie Solaini ran this sound journey as well as the gong bath earlier in the day and she has quite a selection of gongs and other instruments.

Sometimes gongs can get a bit lost in an outdoor setting but even when we were on the edge of the tent, there was real power in receiving the sound.

The Garden stage, which was near the house was beautifully laid out and with a giant mirrorball in the centre. Look closely and you can see the reflections of all the yogis in the bottom.

The festival only ran for one day but they did have a glamping option in these bell tents on site. It seemed a few groups had taken advantage of this to make a weekend of it.

For lunch, there were a couple of options - various squashes cooked on the open fire or trout on the barbeque. These were served with a mixture of quinoa and buckwheat with onions and kale.

Pythouse Kitchen Garden is a beautiful spot to visit at any time of year with a restaurant on-site and the gardens here providing a lot of the herbs and vegetables that they serve. The different areas, stalls and chill out sections were nestled amongst the shrubs.

Here you can see where some of the talks were held, including interesting topics like Medicinal Plants, Mindfulness and Rewilding.

They had a separate cafe that sold hot drinks, cake and pies cooked in the pizza oven as well as flatbreads later on.

The Carrot Cake was delicious and the chocolate cake looked great as well!

I particularly enjoyed the Pure Bliss Yoga Nidra with Kanan Thakerar and Clare Allen's Yang Yin Yoga had a big following.

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