Vegetarian Eats in Birmingham

Vegetarian Eats in Birmingham


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I thought that my "indefinite period" as a non-meat eater would bring me some annoying challenges such as finding "the suitable for vegetarian" places to eat, for example. Even if I don`t usually make a big fuzz of it, it would be nice as well to demystify the idea that we have to accept veggie meals as a bland or plain food.

With a range of local food farmers around Midlands, most of the food establishments here can have quality and fresh ingredients at their door steps.

So why not giving a bit of twist to the salad? We don't want meat sometimes - but we definitely go gourmet!

In my hunting for the best veggie meals, I have found plenty of great places to eat a more than just a decent salad in Birmingham.

These meals are available in restaurants that are not necessarily vegetarian ones. And yes, it's a way to proof that these places can also cater for vegetarian and vegans (like a boss!) offering tasty and well-presented food.

To start with, if you think about a full vegetarian experience, I would recommend heading down to Digbeth.

The Warehouse Café : Healthy food is a big deal for them or like they advertise themselves: "the greenest restaurant in the Midlands".

It's a very cozy two-storey restaurant, which is very close to the city centre.

I like the variety and diversity of Warehouse's café menu and if you're interesting in learning more about tea and other organic and fair-trade products, it's the place to go.

Le Truc : French, eclectic, trendy and with some great menu items for those who are not just interested in meat at all.

And because Le Truc always has two courses for a special price kind of deal, it's almost impossible to resist their cuisine. It's all about quality food, nice service and some great drinks to enjoy anytime as well.


Pure Bar & Kitchen : Yes, you probably have a big flashing question mark in your head now. It's understandable!

I know Pure Bar & Kitchen is a bar with some of most delicious non-vegetarian at all snacks but it's also serves a delicious baked courgette & roasted red pepper omelette. And what about a brewers grain risotto? How got it, approved it!

Turtle Bay : This Caribbean eatery has a very hot menu but you can find always space for some tropical salads and this Goat cheese, aubergine & butternut salad with Trini chickpeas.

Bistro 1847 : As a legitimate vegetarian one, this beautiful bistro is placed in the most charming Arcade of Birmingham: the Great Western. And it's a place I recommended to visit for a proper full course lunch or dinner experience.

Unfortunately, I was there just to treat myself with a nice snack, but I can't wait to pay another visit soon to this modern vegetarian one. And yes, I am quite intrigued by the Gary Lineker's style tempura.

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