Vantra Vitao - Vegan Restaurant

Vantra Vitao - Vegan Restaurant


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Vantra Vitao is a vegan restaurant, based along the Tottenham Court road side of Oxford Street. It officially launched in February last year, after a soft launch in late November of 2013. One of my friends is vegan, so her boyfriend organised a birthday night out for her and some of her girl mates (including me), with proceedings kicking off at this venue.

The interior of the restaurant offers the hippyish vibe you would expect, with wooden furniture and benches. It is dark, but well lit enough to see other people. Whilst eating your food, it is possible to gaze out of the window and see the bustling Oxford Street beyond, but it feels bizarre to do so, as the outside exterior seems so removed from the restaurant.

The restaurant offers a a buffet in the evening, which operates in that you can pile your plate high- but be warned plates are weighed and you are charged by how heavy the plates are. This meant that across our party, the bill for each customer differed dramatically- with one paying £13 and another paying as little as £7. There did not seem to be much variance amongst the contents of each plate either.

There is a wide variety of foods, which should be enough to satisfy even the meat- eaters in our group.Stews and stroganoffs are two such foods you will come across there. Expect to see steamed broccoli amongst the dishes as well. In fact there is so much, it is easy to get carried away, hence the high fees. Even if you're not vegan, like me, the choice should be enough to tickle your tastebuds. In fact we were so full, that we didn't want pudding, despite being advised by a fellow customer of how excellent they are. Other reviews I have read say the same.

Vantra Vitro is definitely worth a visit, even if you're an omnivore. It is good to experience and to enjoy a meal out that you know is going to be healthy. Two things to bear in mind- they don't serve alcohol (I drank Elderflower juice instead) and payment is by cash only.

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