Uxbridge Writers' Group Uxbridge Library

Uxbridge Writers' Group Uxbridge Library


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Uxbridge Writers' Group – Uxbridge Library

I have always been interested and passionate about not just my own writing, but also listening to other people's writing and learning and growing as a writer myself through it. So, you can imagine that I'm constantly seeking out new creative writing groups in London. I'm always looking for groups that offer something fresh, different and interesting to its members and to the art of writing itself.

The newly formed creative writing group at the newly renovated Uxbridge Library offers all these things and more.I was drawn into attending this group when I saw the posters advertising it plastered prominently on the walls of Uxbridge Library. I thought this group could be that rare thing that both stimulates and teaches its members.

On a blustery Tuesday evening I crossed the threshold of Uxbridge Library, with my notebook tucked under my arm, not sure what to expect. I was instantly put at ease as all the members and the group leader were friendly and helpful.

Often when entering a group like this as a new member you can feel out of the loop, but I was instantly accepted and clearly it is the same for all new members. The class is split into two parts. The initial half of the class is dedicated to learning new forms of writing such as Haiku.

This I find interesting and stimulating as writing outside your comfort zone makes you grow and evolve as a writer. I was impressed. The latter half of the class is used for reading out the work of a member of the class who is brave enough to leave themselves open to criticism.

I learnt that it is just as helpful to sit and listen, as you can learn from what other members do well and do not so well. My hand shook as I read out an extract from one of my stories, but I need not have worried. Any advice for improvement was delivered with kindness and love. I would highly recommend this class for those interested in writing.

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