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University of Stirling


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There are many unique universities across the beautiful lands of Scotland; however Stirling University campus boasts some of the most incredible views in all the country.

The campus is special in that everything that students require is readily available for them on site, unlike many others where the university is situated on its own in the city.

The has halls of residence, classrooms, a library and excellent sporting facilities all on site, and so students are just a stone throw away from anything they need, day or night.

Not only is the campus easily accessible to both students and members of the community, it is the centre of some of the most picturesque views in all of the UK, never mind Scotland alone. The enormous, deep blue lake situated in the middle of campus is an attraction in its own, yet also a haven for wildlife such as ducks and swans.

Around the lake, an endless line of imperious trees with leaves of all colours can be found. Yet more wildlife, in squirrels and birds, enjoy the infinite space in which they can roam free. Above the well-preserved lake sits the impressive white bridge, linking students from their halls of residence to the library and classrooms, making that tedious journey to class that much more interesting and manageable.

Once inside the historic building, the nostrils are greeted with various smells that lure those in need of a bite towards the endless dining options. Haldane's Restaurant is always a popular area, while Starbuck's Coffee House is the obvious choice for many students to kick back and relax. The ever-vibrant Students' Union is the ideal venue for a few drinks, a snack to eat or even a game of pool.

The formidable four-floor library may certainly be a daunting element of university life, but its modernity is second to none, while at the same time filled with intriguing books from many centuries ago. Next to the heart of the university, the Atrium, lies the Macrobert Arts Centre. This famous theatre provides students and members of the public with dazzling, well-renowned displays from talented performers. The Café Bar is also packed with refreshments and is ideal for families.

The Pathfoot building is just a short walk by the lake, and is host to an amazing art collection specialising in Scottish contemporary art, and truly is a collection like no other. It is also the venue for a number of teaching rooms, and of course the well-known Pathfoot eatery, for students (and teachers) in need of a well-earned rest.

Further around the lake, the campus even has its own hotel, perfect for visitors that want to be close to the action but far enough away so they can get that perfect night of sleep.

On down the hill, the top of the range sporting facilities are in full view. The swimming pool is perfect for both recreational and top-class swimmers, while the countless football pitches can provide hours of entertainment. Tennis courts are also visible outside, as is the hockey sand surface, with table tennis and badminton among a list of various other sports on offer in the large sports hall indoors.

The campus genuinely is one of a kind, and it's no surprise that hundreds of students snap up the opportunity to study there every year.

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