Tudor Workshops @ Hampton Court Palace

Tudor Workshops @ Hampton Court Palace


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Wed 03 Jul 2013 - Sun 28 Jul 2013

You are walking down the street when you bare witness to a mugging. What to do? Just then, you see a blue police box on the corner. You run inside for help, but...how strange. It's bigger on the inside. Suddenly there's smoke, blinking lights, funny noises. What is going on? Perhaps it is best to leave. But when you get outside, everything has changed. There is an unpleasant odour in the air, men are wearing tights, and people are speaking in a most peculiar fashion. Uh oh; looks like you've been transported back in time to the Tudor period. How are you going to survive this? As luck would have it, not long ago, you took part in a series of Tudor workshops that taught you everything you needed to know. From brick building, carpentry, cooking, and needlework, you're well equipped. You can even brag to the commoners about your visit to Hampton Court Palace.

The Reputation of Mary I in Foxe and Beyond
3rd July, 2pm-4pm, £30

In a study afternoon with Dr Tom Freeman, discover how Queen 'Bloody Mary' gained her infamous reputation by reading and debating historical texts. A necessary course for intelligent conversation with Elizabethan locals.

Live Tudor Cookery
6th-7th June, All day, free

Find out what the Tudors ate and baked in a live cookery session.

The Art of Gauged Brickwork
20th July, 10am-4pm, £80

Take a closer look at Hampton Court Palace's two-hundred-and-forty-one chimneys. Study the craft and design through practical tasks such as rubbing, squaring, and cutting brick.

The Art of Wood Work
26th July, 10am-4pm, £80

After exploring the palace, and taking in all the elaborate carvings, be inspired and learn the traditional technique of woodwork.

Creative Quilting
26th-27th July, 10am-4pm, £98

In a two-day workshop, you'll get to experiment with trapunto quilting, shadow quilting, corded quilting and more. By the end of the session you will (hopefully) come away with a lovely handmade cushion or bag.

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