Trailer Happiness Bar

Trailer Happiness Bar


Posted 2011-01-30 by Kat Parr Mackintoshfollow
Trailer Happiness is he kind of place you would have wanted to run if you were a kid growing up in the 60s. It's kitsch-perfect trailer chic, not quite a Tiki bar but largely because it's underground, so it's kind of a lounge den as well. If you're having trouble imagining it there are a few things about it that represent it perfectly:

1. They serve a drink in bowl. It's a crazy 50s dish thing with all sorts of jungle decoration – not just a paper umbrella and some chopped fruit. It's called a Scorpion Bowl and it's rum, cognac, orange and lemon juice. They also serve a drink called the Zombie, which is so lethal they have to limit you to two a night. (It's Don the Beachcomber's original mix of 5 rums, exotic juices, absinthe, syrups, bitters and trepidation.)

The proper Tiki cocktails are a big part of the reason to seek out TH. These guys may have décor that is so bad that it's good again, but their drinks are straight up the real deal. They use the old recipes from the hey day of the Tiki drink - before pre-mix sullied their good name and flavour - and source difficult to get liquors to make them, so while they're more expensive then the rest of their cocktail list (which is also excellent), they certainly pack an Atomic Punch (Light run, peach and passion fruit, served long and topped with Champagne.).
The rest of the cocktail list includes a lot of homages to great drinks and great creators of drinks – these guys really care about the art of the mixologist.

2. They sell Tiki shot mugs.

These critters you can take with you or choose to leave behind for next time. And if you do you'll always get a £1 discount on any shot you have made in it. So there's a real incentive for you to become a regular.

3. The art is by J.H. Lynch and Trechikoff. These names might not be familiar to you, so here's a photo of the TH bathrooms.

These gurls are the stuff of 60s and 70s fantasies.

4. The food is snacky, vol-au-vent style finger food, and changes regularly with what the kitchen can source from the surrounding shops and the markets. So you know they're all about being part of the local community. An you know everything is fresh and not fussy.

Hopefully from those points you got that it's a kitsch fest. of shag pile, bead curtains, low chairs and 70s sex appeal, that it's friendly and they genuinely want you to come back and visit them again, especially if you're local and that their drinks are worth the walk down from the station to sample. While lots of this area is getting a bit too clean and frou-frou, TH is genuinely cool, cause it's its own animal baby.

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