Top Ways to Revive Your Body Out of Lockdown

Top Ways to Revive Your Body Out of Lockdown


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As lockdown restrictions ease, it will feel like coming out of hibernation for many. What better time to revive your body with a boost from head to toe.

Here are some of the latest health and beauty tips and products to give yourself a pamper session while the spas are still closed - to help invigorate your body and mind.

Hands and nails

All the extra vigorous hand washing is leaving hands drier than usual for many, while tapping away on laptops for Zoom calls may have left your nails in disarray.

Along with investing in a hand cream, why not try a hand mask to inject an extra dose of nourishment to your fingers and nails.

Skin Republic has a Nail and Cuticle Hand Mask that benefits nails and cuticles with argan oil and ceramides to add moisture and softness while Vitamin E strengthens from root to tip.

The mask normally costs £5.99 but the Skin Republic website has regular offers that can bring the price down to £3.99. The products are also available in Superdrug.

Top it off with a bright nail varnish or a rainbow of colours across your fingertips to not only lift your mood but show support for carers and the NHS. It will definitely add some vibrant colour while being a keyboard warrior.

Purify your tap water and drink more

One good thing for the environment that has come out of staying at home over recent months is that less plastic bottles are likely to have been used as people drink more tap water.

If you are missing your bottled spring water and not sure how pure your local water is, there's a solution with Zerowater.

Zerowater is a revolutionary water filter that removes 99% of toxins and contaminants from tap water.

It also allows you to test the level of impurities in your water supply as it comes complete with a nifty water quality tester that is incorporated into the lid. I got a real surprise to find out the level of impurities in my local water supply, so it's worth a test, even if you think you know if you are in a hard or soft water area.

Boasting a five-stage Ion Exchange Filtration system, the filter removes virtually all dissolved solids from your water, whether its minerals, salts, metals, chemicals or runoff. It means your glass of water tastes so much better.

The filter is within a handy large 2.8 litre jug - roughly about 12 cups or small glass of water - that is filled at the top straight from the tap before filtering through. The jug is ideal to put in the fridge and be ready for when you're gasping for a drink.

Plus, if your kettle gets clogged up with debris, like mine does, and needs a regular filament descale, it could be a sign that your tap water has impurities.

Filling the kettle with water from the filter jug could save you having to descale as often, or even better, from having to fork out on buying a new kettle every year or so.

Zerowater costs £39.99 from the Zerowater website .

Luscious lips

Don't pay lip service to your pout. You'll look even more kissable and feel on top of your game after dealing with dry and cracked lips.

Carmex has a range of fruity flavoured moisturising lip balms that come in vibrant, fun packaging.

They all come with SPF 15 to keep lips protected over the summer.

Available in stores including Boots and Superdrug or online, Carmex uses a unique formula of menthol, camphor and beeswax.

The range includes the Cherry Pot, Pineapple Mint Tube and Strawberry Tube (all £3.00), which will make you want to lick your lips in joy at the aroma and flavour.

There's also the Strawberry or Original Click Sticks (£2.99 each) while Carmex's award-winning lip balm is now available in squeezable tubes and sticks along with the usual yellow pots.

If you want to add some colour, Carmex's Moisture Plus Hydrating Lip Tints come in four shades to naturally plump and re-vitalise for fuller-looking lips.

Shades are Nearly Nude, Coral-Me Cool, Pouty Pink and Mauve'd Up and allow you to put on one layer for a sheer finish or add more colour with each layer.

Face up to it

With spas and beauty salons still out of bounds for a while, try a home pampering session with face masks to suit every skin issue.

You may feel like your skin has lost some of its glow, while cooped up indoors for months. The multi award-winning skincare range Skin Republic has a wide variety of rejuvenating sheet masks, which are infused with carefully developed serums to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Take control of skin concerns from impurities to blemishes or dehydration and sit back and relax while the mask gets to action.

Among the range of options are Olivia Buckland's Prep Glow Face Mask at £3.99 that aims to make skin appear flawless in 15 minutes. It should also help make-up to last longer with its ingredients of hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Pomegranate extract. It's ideal for those Zoom calls or occasional trips out to the supermarket or to meet with relatives or friends in the park.

To add a boost to the skin, there's Collagen Hydrogel Under Eye Patch at £5.99 - aimed at dealing with fine lines and wrinkles - or the Collagen Infusion Face Mask Sheet to revitalise the skin's elasticity with Vitamin E, Elastin and Collagen and help with anti-ageing.

For something a little different, try the Bubble Purifying and Charcoal face mask sheet. Made from activated charcoal, it begins to bubble and foam when exposed to the air to add some excitement to your day.

It works hard to eliminate impurities in the pores and remove dead skin cells so you look for fresh for whomever you meet.

Or if you have more time to play with, there's the Gold Hydrogel Face Mask at £6.99 that takes 20 minutes for nutrients to be soaked into the skin. It aims to leave you with more radiant skin while minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Republic masks are available from High Street stores including Superdrug on online at the Skin Republic website here .

Soak it up

One of the guilty pleasures of lockdown has been indulging in daytime baths. Finally a chance to make the most of all those smellies you have saved up from Christmases past.

Enjoying the aromas of scented bath bombs, salts and bubble bath is a heavenly way to revive your skin and mind through a relaxing soak in the tub.

For natural bath salts, try independent shop The Blue Lemon in Shrewsbury, which also takes online orders.

All the products are hand-made from natural ingredients from soap to bath salts, 100% plant oil foot balms or additive-free skincare. Not only do they smell divine but they work in revitalising the body too.

Some of the range includes Lemongrass or Geranium and Lavender, which comes in a body butter, foot balm, body scrub and more.

There's also a natural muscle rub along with a muscle soak, containing scents of Black Pepper, Juniper, Clary Sage and Rosemary essential oils, that does wonders for aching muscles.

Face and neck serums, exfoliating face washes, a new Tea Tree and Neem hand wash are all on offer along with sensitive skin and men's ranges. Check out all the products at The Blue Lemon website here .

Light up

Shake off worries and sleepless nights from the lockdown with a calming atmosphere that helps the body and mind. If you have been missing the chance to venture further afield, you can now bring the aromas of outdoor settings into your home too.

Holistic London has created a new range of candles inspired by the outdoors - Meadow, Forest and Firewood.

Meadow evokes the scent of lavender and rose fields as part of this Outdoors Collection. While Forest aims to create the calm and purity of the Nordic forest and Firewood inspires memories of the wilderness and outdoor adventures.

All Holistic London candles are natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free and toxin-free as they only include essential oils and soy wax.

Candles in the Outdoors Collection cost £18.00 each. Find out more at the Holistic London website.

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