5 Top Tips For Cutting Food Waste in Your Home with ChicP

5 Top Tips For Cutting Food Waste in Your Home with ChicP


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A pioneer chef who is battling to cut food waste has shared her tips to help people use up leftover veg.

UK based Hannah McCollum founded ChicP sustainable food brand, which uses imperfect vegetables in its vegan-friendly products - from hummus to sweet potato and rosemary veggie bites.

Hannah is trying to help beat the global food waste crisis by encouraging people to rescue food that might otherwise be discarded and transform it into delicious sauces snacks and dips.

Each year households in the UK alone generate 6.5 million tonnes of food waste, of which 69% of it is edible.

Here are the top five tips you can easily do to reduce the amount of food you waste.

1. Freeze food: place any fresh items you might not eat in time into the freezer and use it to create smoothies, juices, or soups

2. Give food away: to a neighbour, a friend, or someone who will put it to good use

3. Blend it: old salad leaves can be blended to create a wonderful pesto

4. Eliminate repeat offenders: say no to disposable coffee cups, plastic cutlery, single-use drinks bottles and carrier bags

5. Roast your stems: broccoli and cauliflower stems are edible, simply chop them up and roast them – they're great dipped in hummus.

Hannah McCollum said: "I want everyone to celebrate the leftover parsnip that didn't make it into the roasting tin, or the tomato that's reaching its best-before date."

Hannah added: " Leftover carrots, the last crumbs of feta and wilted spinach can be mixed together to make a delicious dip to serve with roasted veg. Whilst chunks to roast on the bbq topped with some melted leftover cheese to make a delicious melty bun! a perfect BBQ addition."

The ChicP food range has always been about promoting zero waste, with an emphasis on sustainability, quality and education.

You can see more recipes and ideas to combat foot waste at the ChicP Instagram page here and the ChicP blog here .

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