Top Quick Lunches in London

Top Quick Lunches in London


Posted 2016-10-21 by Catrifollow
Food in London is phenomenal, there is no doubt. However, to any newcomer, it can seem daunting with thousands and thousands of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Currently, London has on offer, in particular, lots of home grown food chains dotted around the city. This article will hopefully give you some insight and guidance on the best places to plop down for a coffee or pick up a quick bite to eat on the go.

1. Costa
This is the best coffee chain available in the UK. While Cafe Nero and Starbucks are strong contenders, there is no doubt that Costa wins in all areas - seating, quality and flavour. If you can grab one of its seasonal specialities, they are the perfect way to embrace any season. They are also everywhere, which makes them an easy place to find and enjoy.

2. Wasabi
This Japanese food chain is perfect for those looking for quick sushi or Asian hot food. While it doesn't rival Costa on numbers of shops, the chain is growing quickly. Recommendations centre on their custard dorayaki, prawn hand roll and chicken teriyaki which sell out quickly. If you are looking for a different take on the chain lunch outlet, then this is the place for you.

3. Leon
Healthy and hearty, this chain is focused on organic and natural foods. From boxed lunches and wraps to porridge and breakfast rolls this eatery provides for all your cravings. Leon is truly a clear expression of London itself, originating from an experimentative and entrepreneurial spirit. It is definitely a must go while in the capital. (Oh, and if you have the cash - buy on of their cookbooks, they have never steered me wrong!)

4. Pret a Manger
This is one of Britain's most beloved chains, providing the nation with sandwiches and soup. This company is based on freshness, with everything in store cooked daily. This may seem commonplace now, but when Pret was first established this idea was revolutionary! It is now so successful that it has begun expanding into the US with flagships store in NYU selling out consistently. If that doesn't tell you it's good, I don't know what will.

5. EAT
Last, but not least is EAT. This chain is based on a similar business plan to Pret, with fresh food and hearty meals. This company has so far succeeded with this model, even setting up shop in one of the capital's biggest department stores - Selfridges. I'd say that while it is no Pret, it is certainly not a place to be overlooked on quality and flavour of its food.

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