Top 4 Pubs in Sheffield

Top 4 Pubs in Sheffield


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You could just about do these pubs on a pub crawl but, this being Sheffield, only if you don't mind some serious up and down in your walking. And you're fit. But why would you cram them all into one night? Each one of them has got plenty going on for an entire evening's entertainment, so you might as well spread the joy and give them each the time they deserve.

Starting with the highest (above sea level I mean) The Greystones on Greystones Road has got a full programme of eclectic music going on in its Back Room venue. Folk, blues, swing, jazz, funk and soul as well as the occasional pop star you'd forgotten that you used to really like and do in fact want to see again. Check out their programme and get some tickets booked. And on a Friday evening, the Nether Edge Pizza Company is outside with their wood-fired oven making delicious pizzas for you to buy. Yum.

Down the hill at Hunters Bar, you can find The Lescar on Sharrowvale Road which is one of the first pubs I ever went to in Sheffield. Irrelevant but true. The Lescar also has a back room performance space where, among other things, it hosts the very long running Last Laugh Comedy Club on a Thursday evening. Top comedians available at your local. Makes a change from music, although that's available too. As is food. And a big pub garden too. All good.

Up the hill (but not nearly as far up as The Greystones) and then down the hill again and you'll get to The Broadfield on Abbeydale Road. This pub used to be famous for famous climbers – the kind that hang by their fingertips off big pieces of gritstone – but is now better known for pies. (And whisky. Lots of whisky.) The climbers might still be there eating the pies but if they are it probably won't be helping their climbing. It's a good crack in the Broadfield and they've got pies for everyone. What else do you need to know?

Finally, just across the Sheaf river, which is where Sheffield gets its name (but it's only small so you might not really notice you've crossed it) and you can find your way to Chesterfield Road and The White Lion pub. The way this pub is divided up into multiple rooms is a twofold bonus: number one it's just cool to be able to nab a whole room for you and your mates at the pub sometimes and number two, if the band at the back isn't really to your taste, you can always shut the door. There's a range of music on here too, it can get loud and is always free. Boom. Check it out. Another cracking night out in Sheffield.

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