Top Places to Grab a Coffee in Liverpool

Top Places to Grab a Coffee in Liverpool


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The coffee scene in Liverpool has gone through a mini-revolution of the last few years. Barely a week goes by without a new coffee shop opening up throughout the city. The choice, while welcome, has made finding a good coffee shop more confusing than trying to solve a Rubik's Cube without peeling off the stickers.

So, if you're new to Liverpool, just visiting or simply haven't had time to experience all the coffee delights available, here's an overview of some of my favourite places to grab a coffee in the land of the Beatles (yes it is impossible to talk about Liverpool without mentioning them!).

Bold Street
OK so you can get a nice bacon butty here, maybe not everything has changed! Opened in 2010 Bold Street Coffee quickly established itself as a great meeting place in central Liverpool. Located on the most "bohemian Street" in Liverpool the clientele are a diverse mix of locals, students and arty types. The interior looks more like an art exhibition than a typical coffee shop, clean lines and oak furnishings giving it a welcoming yet modern feel.

The staff are friendly and welcoming (a little different from my recent visit to London) and offer helpful advice on what to types of coffee you should try. Single origin coffees are available and the skilled baristas go about their work while tapping their feet to the tunes of The XX. Hipsters will like it here……with their beards.

Frequently voted as one of the best coffee shops in Liverpool, Bold Street featured in the Independents list of one of the top 50 coffee shops in England.

A great place to hang out in slap bang in the heart of Liverpool and is quickly establishing itself as a Liverpool Institution.

Leaf on Bold Street is primarily a teahouse but also serves a good selection of coffee. If you're looking for something fancy, the type of coffee order that involves 14 words and ends with the words "and sprinkles"….then Leaf probably isn't for you.

It does however offer some great tasting coffees from local coffee supplier Joe Black Coffee and the ambience is very special indeed. Cute and cosy are two words that describe it best, with vintage decoration and rough wooden tables giving the place an extremely homely feel.

There are plenty of comfy sofas with which to sink into Sunday oblivion and wooden tables for those of you concerned with posture…..and maybe using a laptop. Chess is available for the more cerebral or the linguistically challenged which all adds to the atmosphere of art culture and creativity…..even if you're simply reading the daily mail on a laptop!

The last Sunday of every month is "Retro Sunday" with a vintage fashion and home wares fair and the open-mic sessions on a Tuesday evening are always vibrant, just don't expect to have a quiet conversation.
Central Perk
If you enjoyed the TV series Friends, you're going to like this coffee shop. Set in the style of Central Perk from the hit TV show, walking into the coffee shop is actually quite an exciting experience. You half expect a slightly grumpy, silver haired manager to be waiting for you behind the counter.

The décor is very familiar and they've obviously taken a good amount of time and research to ensure that they themed coffee shop isn't cheap and tacky, but well thought out a good reflection of what we remember from the show. Episodes of Friends playing on the TV adds a nice touch.

Unlike the series where the cast members ALWAYS seem to find a spot on the comfy sofas, you may have your work cut out and will have to rely on luck, extended elbows or sofa stalking to get your favourite spot.

The original coffee shop was opened in Hatton Garden and proved to be so popular that a new store has recently been opened in the heart of Chester.

London Carriage Works
While not strictly a coffee shop, they do provide afternoon tea (which can easily be substituted for coffee) and offers a sophisticated slant for catching up over a cup of Joe.
Historically the building was a coach and carriage builders and its historical origins were uncovered during renovations, giving one of Liverpool's most talked about venues its geographically dyslexic name.

Situated in the dining room of a hotel there is something old fashioned about having a coffee at the London Carriage Works . The large glass windows give the room an autumnal glow (maybe because it's autumn!) and regardless of the temperature outside, when the sun's shining you can bask in its warmth throughout the beautiful interior. If modern coffee shops aren't your thing and you

If you're with someone special and if you have the time to relax and enjoy the ambience, it's a great place for an afternoon pit stop. If modern coffee shops aren't your thing and you prefer to enjoy your cup of coffee in a sophisticated environment, this could be the place for you.

While I'm sure there are many other great coffee shops around, these are some of my personal favourites. I'm looking forward to uncovering some more in order to satisfy my bodies continuing quest for caffeine.

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