Top Mum Tips For Surviving A Spectacular London Summer

Top Mum Tips For Surviving A Spectacular London Summer


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It's not often that the sun shines for more than a few days in London, even during summer. But this year is knocking our socks off as temperatures soar and the heat wave shows no sign of abating. Most of us in the UK are prepared for the rain stopping play at Wimbledon during the 'summer' and for bringing out our winter coats on a chilly August day. What we are entirely unprepared for is a run of spectacular weather. So if you, like me, are battling heat-fuelled toddler tantrums, constant cries for ice cream and trying to think of clever ways to keep cool then here are some ideas.

Take In A Museum
It's free. It's educational. It's air conditioned. London has many world class museums to choose from that are great for kids of all ages. The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum are both great options: Science Museum & Natural History Museum

Visit a Lido
Believe it or not... London has some lovely lidos scattered around the city. For kids, Richmond's Pools on the Park is a brilliant option. There's an outdoor paddling pool for kids, an outdoor swimming pools for older kids and adults, plenty of grass to sit on with a picnic. Pools On The Park

Visit A London Train Station
London has a wealth of impressive train stations from King's Cross to Waterloo to Liverpool Street. And the best thing is that they're full of trains and some have aircon. There's also the journey there and back to provide yet more amusement. London's big train stations are packed with cafes, restaurants and shops if you want to splash out.

See Street Performers At The Southbank
London's street performers are often incredibly talented and watching a performance is a great way to pass the time. London's Southbank and Covent Garden are both hot spots to head to. On the Southbank, the performers tend to be near the London Eye right on the Thames. It might get hot but it's sure to entertain.

Visit A Playground (In A Pub)
Everyone knows that kids love slides, swings and sandpits – and parents like to chill out on a hot summer's day with a coffee or a glass of wine or a pint. So why not combine the two? The Anglers Pub - Anglers - in Teddington has a playground in the beer garden so you can let the kids have fun while you keep watch with a drink in hand. Now that's a spectacular idea.

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