Top Five Cheap Bars in Manchester

Top Five Cheap Bars in Manchester


Posted 2017-04-24 by Isabelle vaskofollow

1. FontLocated in Manchester city centre and Fallowfield.

This is the cheapest bar around. I am not going to lie, the prices are its main selling point, but there are plenty of other good points. It's got funky décor, except for the sofa it is literally impossible to get out of. There are friendly staff and good music which doesn't drown out the cheesy chat up lines of the drunk guy/girl hitting on you. Most importantly, however, cocktails are two for one! That's all I need to say really.

Dip your toe in the Font

2. BanyanLocated in Manchester City Centre, in the Corn Market building.
Its first good point is its location. The Corn Market is beautiful and makes you feel posh, even though you may have very little money. But very little gets you quite a lot here. The cocktails are works of art, more salad than juice, but they certainly pack a kick, and at two for one, you feel it pretty quickly. Just ask the friendly bar staff about the time I fell off my chair at the bar. Classy. But the bouncer is the loveliest bloke, he even opens the door for you! Definitely worth a visit, and you will want to be a regular!

Link to good drink: Banyan

3. Lass o' GowrieLocated just outside the City Centre, near Oxford Road train station.

Technically this is not a bar but it is a crossover between a pub and a fancy bohemian pad. On the outside, it is an extremely old-school building, that wouldn't look out of place on Coronation street. But inside, the quirky Manchester-themed décor, and the outdoor balcony above the river Medlock makes it a lovely place for a tipple. The bar staff are probably the friendliest in Manchester, and usually remember exactly what you had to drink last time. I may be sad, but this makes me feel included, and is probably a key reason I keep coming back here. Historical and affordable, stop by if you can.

Click here for beer: Lass o' Gowrie

4. KrobarLocated opposite the University of Manchester on Oxford Road.

Very much a student favourite, this bar is a Manchester classic. A lovely building inside and out, the outside seating area is great in summer and the cosy wooden interior good for winter. The drinks are cheap (possibly due to its student clientele) and you can get lots of handy nibbles from its gourmet cake counter. It is also in a great location to nose around the uni and the surrounding area, including the art gallery further down the road. A great place to rest up after a day of exploring.

Refresh your browser's taste-buds: Krobar .

5. Yard and CoopLocated in Manchester's northern Quarter, just outside the city centre.

Now once again this technically isn't a bar, BUT it does have a fabulous selection of cocktails, and once every six months offers free chicken! However, back to the point. The drinks are reasonably cheap and are in an American diner style, to match the quirky interior of the place. This is a very good place to relax with friends, and when the food kitchen has closed, it quickly becomes a packed bar with lots of trendy northern quarter people. Great food and great drinks (I'd recommend the spicy chicken wings) it's definitely somewhere to add to your list.

Lovely wings and tings: Yard and Coop

Bottoms up!

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