Tooting Market

Tooting Market


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South London's famous , is one of the main attractions of the South End. Tooting market is damn cool; I love routing around a market and discovering new flavours, new scents, and truly exploring the jewels of the food world.

Tooting market is rich with the different spices of life, and you can make more than culinary discoveries at the lively marketplace in this part of London.

A friend of mine lives in Brixton, and although Brixton has its qualities, I was excited to visit Tooting market - about 10 minutes walk away - early Saturday morning, and ready to rummage.

It's the largest indoor market in South West London, so of course there was going to be all manner of goods on offer. I was expecting variety, and I found it; every type of herb and spice is lined up in abundant and neat row in one of the herbs and spices stalls. Fresh fruit and vegetables from across the world, as well as local, UK produce was presented in crates, boxes, and whatever the market trader thought best to display it in.

I also spotted DIY galore in the small, but well-presented tool stall, whose every surface was covered in tools. If you're looking for something for your cat, dog, or goldfish, visit the pets toys stall, which also sells pet food at dirty-cheap prices

My friend and I encountered the very friendly fabric-selling stall. Run by two Indian man, they were lovely, and allowed me to fondle and peruse everything that caught my eye. Fabric sellers. Rolls upon rolls of different coloured fabrics, shades, materials. The Indian men behind the stall were very friendly, and told me they sold the fabric by the metre, but obviously if I wanted less that would be fine. Bindis and jewellery were on sale too.

Tooting market also holds events like 'Foodival', which took place last year. They also support national and international holidays. For example Thanksgiving is always honoured at the market, and earlier this week saw the celebration of Thanksgiving, in collaboration with the Yummy Yank food blogger and writer, who provided traditional American, Thanksgiving fare.

As with all markets, the prices are low, but haggling for a better price is always part of the fun. There's nowhere better than bartering, than down South, when the cockney accent makes it all the more memorable.

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