Time Out Magazine's Easter Hunt 2013

Time Out Magazine's Easter Hunt 2013


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Thu 28 Mar 2013 - Sun 07 Apr 2013

Even though Easter Sunday is officially over, who says we have to stop the fun and the celebration? By creating a team for Time Out Magazine's Easter Hunt, you can continue the festivities.

Time Out's Easter Hunt is a community wide scavenger hunt where you can create teams with as many players included as you'd like. When you arrive at the Euston tube stop, the scavenger hunt begins at the Wellcome Centre a hop, skip, and a jump away.

At the centre, you are required to text the phone number provided at team registration. This is when you receive your first question/clue, and the adventure begins! You are guided completely via text and you get a new question after every correct answer you provide. Be careful, though. Make sure you are as positive as possible about whether or not your answer is correct, because there are time penalties given when your answer is incorrect and when you ask for hints.

The winning team of the Easter hunt receives a £150 voucher to Hawksmoor Guildhall for a delicious breakfast. Your team has to complete the hunt in the shortest amount of time in order to win. However, as long as you complete the scavenger hunt, everyone wins a milk or white chocolate egg from Divine Chocolate! Yum!

There are also many other opportunities to win prizes, so winning is definitely not the key objective. This scavenger hunt is all about having fun and exploring London. In fact, one of my favourite parts of the experience was using a map to figure out what could be next street that we have to turn on and such. I saw a lot more of London during this scavenger hunt than I had seen in my entire time studying here since January.

The cost to create a team is £18, but you can easily reduce this by splitting it with your teammates. I made a team with five of my mates, so we ended up paying only £3 each. The scavenger hunt usually lasts for 2 to 4 hours, and we completed it in about 3 and half, not including a break where there are no time penalties. The hunt didn't feel as though it was this long because it was so fun to be with friends and try to decipher the clues. Also, knowing that we each got a delicious chocolate egg at the end of it kept us going. I highly recommend going on this adventure, but hurry before it ends on April 7th!

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