The Tiger Pub

The Tiger Pub


Posted 2013-03-12 by Ellie Rossfollow

My mother had come to visit me from the northern countryside and she was tired and moody. Her feet dragged about 10 metres behind mine and then it had started snowing. She disappeared from view as the snow fell heavier and the ground got damp and sludgy.

And then the Tiger appeared in front of me on the corner of a busy Camberwell road and I pushed open the door to warmth, safety and a hope that this would improve cordial relations between my mother and I quickly. As she got a glimpse of the shiny wooden surroundings and lit candles on every surface my mother sped past me and settled herself on one of the squishy leather couches.

Her features visibly more lifelike, she picked up the menu.

"Ooh!, I didn't expect to find this here!"

And this is just the attitude that accompanies this pub just off Camberwell Green. It is located on a busy inner-city junction and yet inside is an oasis of peace. Happily, they offer tasty sausage rolls and carafes of wine (this gets my vote alone) from the bar (apparently home-made pork scratchings are also on offer which are 'gorgeous if a little brittle'). The food selection is pretty tasty too: the Tiger is taking part in Comic Relief's 'menu relief' which means that £2 from two of their dishes is donated to Comic Relief. These dishes are two of the nicest as well: for meat eaters there's a slow roast lamb shoulder with artichokes and anchovies. For vegetarians there's a linguine with spinach, white beans and tomatoes.

If you're not at the Tiger for food, you must be there for their great selection of beers and wines. The beer selection changes frequently but when my mother and I were there Deuchars IPA and Sharp's Doom Ba were on offer. The service is cool, laidback and with a smile. If you choose to loiter there for a while, soaking up the candle-lit atmosphere and escaping from the traffic gridlock outside the door, the staff won't turf you out.

We left The Tiger feeling ready to walk the remaining few miles back to my flat. Invigorated by the calm atmosphere and lovely bar snacks, we still weren't prepared for the fast falling March snow.

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