Tiger Bills Bar and Grill

Tiger Bills Bar and Grill


Posted 2013-05-23 by Tammy Faceyfollow
When it's all a bit smoke and mirrors, jazz hands, and an excess of PR, I get a bit bored. Yes my curiosity is peaked to a certain point, but after that I wonder what the fuss is about, and why they are making such a fuss?

A new restaurant has opened on Broad Street that claims to be 'a fusion of Thai and American cuisine - East meets West'. It's not fine dining but simple dishes don't need to be drowned in oil or coated in salt as a replacement for flavour. Sadly the new Tiger Bills restaurant didn't think so.

Formerly Peppers Indian restaurant, the venue has been given a facelift. The refurbished restaurant is the epitome of 'new' and 'fresh', and I was invited to the launch, but due to illness I couldn't make it. They did however deliver some of the food that was going to be available on the launch night two days previous. Sadly the food didn't match the high decorative standard of the restaurant.

Served in foil trays were the following:

Soggy flat noodles that were under-seasoned and over cooked with a few strips of carrot, random bits of egg, and a few squalid pieces of chicken that couldn't have been free range.

Next was a box of fried vegetables. They were crunchy but not in the fresh way, merely under-cooked. They were sitting in what was trying to be a black bean sauce but turned out to be a watery, perfume-tasting oil. With one piece of chicken in it I was left with a rather strange taste in my mouth.

Spring rolls, sesame toast and wontons were in the final box. As imagined, they were greasy and far too salty. These were more pastry than anything, and the 'fillings' were merely minced vegetables. Hardly appetising.

Needless to say I was almost thankful for my illness that prevented my attendance. It's a real shame because I was really looking forward to some yummy, fresh, 'East meets West' cuisine. Instead I got dry, greasy, under-cooked, under-seasoned food that was akin to a bad Chinese takeaway.

In their PR campaigns they have boasted about their Thai chefs as though that will encourage custom. Just because someone has an East-Asian heritage does not mean they can cook. It's the most offensive statement I've heard.

As for the cost of a meal at Tiger Bills I wouldn't expect to pay a lot, however a meal and drink on average comes in at £15.00 per person. I think that's quite expensive considering the quality of food you'll be served.

Think chips, overly-sweet ribs, dry steaks and an abysmal attempt at 'Thai' food. The customer service is about the only thing good about this place. I'd say go if you're in the area, are desperately hungry, or have a hangover. Otherwise, keep your money or try elsewhere.

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