Thomas Truax at Centrala, Birmingham and UK Tour

Thomas Truax at Centrala, Birmingham and UK Tour


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Fri 10 Feb 2023 - Sat 25 Feb 2023

Birmingham-based American singer-songwriter and inventor Thomas Truax will mark the release of his new album, Dream Catching Songs, with a show at Centrala in Birmingham on February 11, 2023. The gig at the Fazeley St, Digbeth, venue is part of a short UK tour that also visits Hyde Park Book Club in Leeds (Feb 16), The Greystones in Sheffield (Feb 17), Newcastle’s Cobalt Studios (Feb 19), Glasgow’s Hug and Pint (Feb 22) and The Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh (Feb 25).

Dream Catching Songs is a collaboration between Thomas and former Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Slits and The Creatures drummer Budgie . The album also features Thomas’ self-made mechanical drum machine, known as Mother Superior.

Thomas Truax (pic: Jason Bridges)

The project has its roots in a chance encounter between Budgie and Thomas at a music festival in Germany.

Thomas explains:“We had a great conversation over dinner. I’d been a fan of Budgie’s work since my teenage days in Denver. He hadn’t seen my performance so I warned him that sometimes human drummers take offence to Mother Superior, seeing that something so mechanical could, in a way, threaten to take their place. But when I finished my set I went backstage and there was Budgie, waiting in the wings saying how much he loved my set. He was even holding a flower for Mother Superior and saying he was in love with her!”

After crossing paths a few times over the following years, Thomas and Budgie discussed the possibility of recording some new material using the drum machine.

“When I was next touring through Berlin I booked some extra days off the road,” reveals Thomas. “I’d originally thought we’d head to an established studio but I’m a very hands-on, DIY kind of guy and Budgie suggested we set up to record in his own underground ‘Bunker’. This way we could experiment a bit more and work with his own drum kit.”

The album’s foundations were laid in Germany, then Thomas returned to his Birmingham base to finish it off in his home studio during lockdown. The final product, including the single Everything's Going to Be All Right, is packed with outlandish ideas and offbeat idiosyncrasies, traversing a range of sounds and styles prompted by the duo’s different working methods.

“My tendency is to work slowly and if someone doesn’t stop me, I'll work on the tiniest details forever,” says Thomas. “Budgie likes to work faster and stresses the value of spontaneity.”

Budgie adds: “Spontaneity is where the best stuff happens… creative energy is important in artistic collaboration, it’s about chemistry and relationship.”

Thomas Truax’s Dream Catching Songs February 2023 tour dates:

Feb 10: The Ferret, Preston;
Feb 11: Centrala, Birmingham;
Feb 16: Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds;
Feb 17: The Greystones, Sheffield;
Feb 19: Cobalt Studios, Newcastle;
Feb 22: Hug and Pint, Glasgow;
Feb 25: The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh.


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