Things to do in Perranuthnoe Village

Things to do in Perranuthnoe Village


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This hidden little village is located between the Cudden Point and Marazion, in southwest Cornwall. If you are familiar with the South West coast path walking, it's also another good way of finding Perranuthnoe beach.

It was first referred in the Domesday Book of 1806. Its Cornish name is Pyranudhno, composed by the saint's name Piran and the name of the manor, Uthrno. However, it's still a bit complicated to pronounce Perranuthnoe, so just call it Perran.

Although we have planned the holidays based on the accommodation we were looking for, Perranuthnoe impressed me for being in a secluded area of west Cornwall. At the same time, the village is just some minutes away from interesting towns around and extraordinary landscapes.

It's possible to have a stunning view from Saint Michael's mount from any part of the village. Plus we were spoilt for choice with its epic walking options along the South West Coast path in both directions, reaching Penzance, Marazion, the Cudden Point, Prussia Cove, Praa Sands and Porthleven.

It's definitely also a village with a sense of community. St. Piran and St. Michael parish church, erected in the middle of the 13th century, organises events that include music, festivities and charity and fundraising competitions.

And Perranuthnoe has blogs and social media pages updated daily, with pretty much everything that happens here.

Besides its natural beauty, eateries and accommodation, Perranuthnoe offers another interesting experience. We managed to book a table at the Victoria Inn on our first night in the village.

Victoria Inn is a multi-award winning food establishment that is also considered one of the oldest Inns in Cornwall and the only pub in Perranuthnoe.

The food is outstanding and it's not a surprise that it was fully booked for some days after our visit. The modern Cornish cuisine is represented very well at Victoria. And everything was absolutely delicious.

Other local food businesses are very welcoming in Perranuthnoe. The Cabin beach cafe , for example, is a family-run restaurant with excellent options of breakfast, cakes, fresh food and hot drinks.

With tables outside and inside with a full view of the Mount's bay and the sandy beach, The Cabin is a perfect spot to enjoy ice food and contemplate the natural beauty of this part of Cornwall.

The Peppercorn Kitchen café is another highly rated restaurant. I wish I had more time to try their exquisite menu, but I never managed to find it opened. Totally my fault!

Arts & crafts: The Cornish landscape is also an inspiration for artists amazed by the views from the top of the cliffs, to the little villages. It's probably not just by chance that art galleries spread in every part of Cornwall.

And Perranuthnoe has its art corner too, also known as the Village Crafts . The place is also a space for workshops and to find out what's on in the village.

Where to stay: As I mentioned before, the chosen accommodation the main reason to find Perrnuthnoe and I guess it was a right choice really.

The Hideaway is the ideal cottage for those looking for a luxury glamping. It is a pod and it is spacious.

Located at a farm, but with all privacy that you would expect of a rural cottage, The Hideaway was a perfect place to literally, hide ourselves away for a week. Perran has plenty of accommodation to choose from, but nothing as quirky and unique in the area.

And getting birds, rabbits and other friendly animals around every morning is just what you needed to make your mind up about this place. Absolutely stunning!

I guess there are plenty more of reasons to visit and stay in Perranuthnoe but we just had one of the best holidays there. And it will be worthy to driving down to Cornwall to have this experience again next year.

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