The Trafford Centre

The Trafford Centre


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is a very well known shopping centre based near Manchester in the United Kingdom. Featuring an incredible number of different shops indoors as well as numerous restaurants and places to eat, it is no wonder it attracts a large number of visitors at any time during the week. It also offers some spectacular design on both the exterior and interior.

It doesn't matter what you're looking for, you can likely assume that the Trafford Centre will have it. The positive side of this is that you have everything you need under one roof, including some of the larger deparment stores such as Selfridges and Debenhams. There are disadvantages to this of course, one being that it takes a while to walk from one end to the other because of its size. It also gets extremely busy at weekends and later in the evenings and you might have to park your car quite far away. There are plenty of parking spaces further away from the shopping centre but if you're looking for convenience get there early or avoid the weekends.

[SECTION]The Restaurants[/SECTION]
boasts over 60 restaurants and cafés, so you can be sure of being spoilt for choice. There is something there for everyone, whether you fancy a bit of fast food or want to go a little more classy, the food court has a vast selection. Downstairs is set out like a huge cafeteria with tables and chairs and the more 'fast food' style restaurants, so you can pick a place and go sit down with it. Upstairs there is a selection of the separate restaurants such as Giraffe, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Café Rouge each with their own established seating areas and so on.

Throughout the main shopping area you can also buy ice cream or cookies if you fancy a snack.

[SECTION]The Entertainment[/SECTION]
There is always something going on at the Trafford Centre. Aside from the shows and events it has on there are the permanent features of a cinema, laser tag and mini golf. Further to this there are even more places for you to entertain yourselves. You can have a look at a surprisingly long list for a shopping centre, here . You can also see exactly what's on here .

As you can see, the Trafford Centre doesn't lack in the things to do department. It is quite easy to spend a long time here which makes it perfect for those rain smitten weekends.

My advice would be to get there early in the morning on the weekends to avoid huge amounts of traffic and having to park further out. If this doesn't bother you then by all means take a lie in. As well as this be sure to take money; there is a price to pay for the convenience and if you're looking to make use of the cinema or the mini-golf, it doesn't come that cheap.

For further information have a look at the Trafford Centre website , where you can find special deals from time to time as well as the opening times and directions.

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