The Tea House, Covent Garden

The Tea House, Covent Garden


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Last year, as part of a challenge for the RNLI, I attempted to drink only water for 28 days. I figured that I could survive very well without juice and didn't need soft drinks. Heck, I could even cope without alcohol! I was fine for the most part of the day, but then started developing a headache around the late afternoon. I couldn't figure out what the reason was, until I realised I was suffering from tea withdrawal. My headache disappeared when this withdrawal was rectified. My challenge lasted 13 hours. It was then that I realised- tea is my addiction.

So you imagine how I felt upon entering the Tea House in Covent Garden. The shop is brimming over with different types of tea from all parts of the globe. It is a magician's box of sheer delights. I am always in search of something to enjoy as part of my afternoon brew and usually haunt my local Whittards, therefore I was buzzing with excitement at the shelves and shelves of tea that the Tea House presented to us. Plus, the high stacked shelves allow for easy browsing.

The quaintness of the exterior is definitely a draw to the casual shopper, appearing both exotic, cosy and mysterious at the same time. Who could fail to be enticed by the display of teas in the window? However, the window display only hints at the treasure trove inside spread out over two floors.

Opening in 1982, the Tea House sources loose-leafed and bagged teas from all over the world. The shop boasts Pu-erh from the Southern Yunnan, Ceylon teas from Sri Lanka and China Green teas amongst its wide varieties, which also includes teas from the Assam and the Himalayas. The shop is family run and its team prides themselves on being experts on tea.

Alongside the tea, there is all kinds of tea paraphanalia, such as teapots and tea cosys. Need somewhere to put your teabag after making a cuppa? The Tea House has a cute selection of teabag holders to pop your teabag onto. There is a wide variety of caddies, jars and strainers which would make great presents and are charmingly presented. 

You don't have to be a tea afficiando to appreciate the Tea House either, just come in and enjoy the slightly spiced aromas, which have the benefit of making you feel relaxed. However, if you are a tea nut, then the Tea House has all your tea needs.

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