The Sinking of Sozopol Film Review

The Sinking of Sozopol Film Review


Posted 2015-08-19 by Ivana Suchevafollow
When I first heard the title of this movie, I thought that it was some kind of a documentary, which digs into the notorious mega-hotel constructions that have been going on since the 1990's in Bulgaria, trying to capitalize on the used-to-be beautiful and peaceful seaside of the Balkan country.

But it turned out that the movie is on a different page. Based on Ina Vultchanova's book, the film by Kostadin Bonev "The sinking of Sozopol", rather explores a person's self-deconstructive power, accompanied by an incinerating love, drowned and revived by 10 bottles of vodka and a couple of friends. All this takes place in Sozopol - the oldest coastal town in Bulgaria. It has tiny cobbled streets, rocky coasts and sandy beaches with old pre-1989 styled caf├ęs and shops.

In short, the plot tells about Chavo's (Deyan Donkov) dramatic life story. After a series of great misfortunes in his life, including the death of all his family members, a divorce, and a runaway true love (Snezhina Petrova as Neva), Chavo decides to commit to something like a homecoming suicide by drying out 10 liters of vodka in his old family house at the beach of Sozopol. All of this is laced by gloomy scenes of anxiously bad weather, rough sea, continuous rainfall, racked houses and hysterical outbursts.

However, I still would not define the film as a drama, but rather as a mystery. Even as a mystery, it is touched by the positive note of true friendship, because after all the hardships and the evil manifestations of life, Chavo is not alone in the sinking of his world. The bright face of friendship, depicted by Doc (Stefan Valdobrev), Ginji (Vassil Gurov) and the mystic woman in & #1072 ; red makintosh (Svetlana Yancheva) comes out to outshine the grey and flooding streets of Chavo's depression.

The Sinking of Sozopol was released on April 3rd, 2015. It was nominated in seven categories in the New York City International Film Festival in its 2015 edition and was awarded for Best International Feature Film.

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