The Rest Is Noise Festival - Southbank Centre

The Rest Is Noise Festival - Southbank Centre


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Sat 05 Oct 2013 - Sun 01 Dec 2013

Chamber music is considered the 'music of friends', so why not take your friends to the Southbank Centre this autumn, where a special concert series will be running between the 5th October - 1st December? For the first half of their year long International Chamber Music Season , The Rest is Noise will cover influential music from the late twentieth century.

Tickets for concerts typically cost between £10-£35, but you can get a 10%-20% saving if you book multiple events.

Modern Masterpieces
5th October, £10-£22

This is a concert of contrasts. Firs up is Gesang der Jünglinge by Karlheinz Stockhausen. It was the first electronic masterpiece, and uses a tape and five loud speakers to project the voices of young soprano boys around the hall.

Pierre Boulez follows with a more traditional acoustic piece, Le Marteau sans Maître, which is performed by the Aurora Orchestra and sung by Hilary Summers.

Borodin Quartet
20th October, £10-£35

The Borodin Quartet is one of the world's longest established orchestra's, and for this concert they will be playing music by Dmitry Shostakovich. His seventh and eighth string quartets are autobiographical, sharing memories of his late wife, and expressing the depression he faced during a time in his life when he contemplated suicide. The twelfth quartet explores the language of music.

Philip Glass Ensemble
9th November, £12-£35

Philip Glass is an American music master, who in the 1970s started a trend for composing minimalist electronic music. For this concert, he will be performing his four-hour minimalist masterpiece (is it just me, or is that an oxymoron?), Music in Twelve Parts.

Steve Reich & The Colin Currie Group
10th November, £12-£35

Steve Reich will join The Colin Currie group to perform five of his 'most bewitching scores'. Political and 'intoxicating', his minimalist style creates hypnotic rhythms.

György & Marta Kurtag, Hiromi Kikuchi

The final concert in the series is to be performed by Hungarian pianist, György Kurtág, in a duet with his wife, Marta. A composer with a sense of humour, he will be playing quirky excerpt from Játékok, spoofing Tchaikovsky, and occasionally playing with his fists.

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