The Play That Goes Wrong - Birmingham Hippodrome

The Play That Goes Wrong - Birmingham Hippodrome


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Tue 26 Oct 2021 - Sat 30 Oct 2021

The Play That Goes Wrong has been one of the major success stories for reviving farce, even spawning spin offs and a TV show of late.

I caught the show at Birmingham Hippodrome , where it stops during a UK tour from October 26 to 30. It is again in the Midlands at Malvern Theatres from November 9 to 13.

It's won many awards for Mischief Theatre Company since emerging in 2012, including an Olivier for best new comedy, and had a West End run in London too.

The premise is about a calamity-prone theatre group putting on a 1920's murder mystery - Murder At Haversham Manor.

But it is more about the characters and shenanigans going on between the actors and backstage crew than the actual who-dunnit as the play descends into chaos.

Each is likeable in their own way with their own trait and you feel as though you get to know all the amateur dramatics 'stars' well by the time the play ends. From the shy stage manager, who has to step into the limelight and likes it too much to the attention-seeking awkward Cecil Haversham, who gets easily distracted by the audience.

The fun starts before curtain goes up as charismatic lighting and sound operator Trevor Watson(Gabriel Paul) starts appealing to the crowd to search for a lost dog. There's plenty more involvement with Trevor, whose a key part of the play.

Amongst the mix of characters from Cornley Drama Society is the over zealous director Chris Bean(Tom Bulpett), who doubles up as the inspector. Bulpett does some great comedy ad-libbing with the audience too that provides some of the funniest moments.

Everyone plays their role immaculately and it takes really good acting to make things on stage look that bad.

This is all about finely tuned comedic timing and slapstick. Everything has to be meticulously choreographed and executed for it to work.

By the time the final curtain goes down, you'll feel exhausted from the ride, but also have been laughing heartily all along the way.

All the cast deserves praise but alongside those mentioned, Leonard Cook stands out playing burly Thomas Colleymoore for his balancing skills when stuck high up on stage.

The Play That Goes Wrong is a winning formula that is an easy watch to lift the spirits. It's fast, furious fun, so grab a ticket while you can.

If you are a fan, you'll be interested to know Mischief Theatre has new tours running soon of Magic Goes Wrong and Grown Ups.

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